Okay Let's Go To The Next Level, Dancefloor.

Let's get this straight.
I strongly dislike:
- fake nails. If you can't make a fist, you're a failure.
- tattoos of names, other than people who have passed away. There's no need to print someone else's name on yourself if they're alive...
- fake tans. It's the sun, and it's free, I'm not following here..
- obnoxious highlights...why not just dye your whole head?
- people who refer to me as : hun, sweety, or food, who I clearly don't know.

I'm sexually attracted to intelligence.

if this shit ain't a clear depiction of illuminati idk what is, and the funnier thing is I dunno if I believe in that ish. perhaps I'll watch the movie.

this is how I think tattoos should be, of words anyway, handwritten by yourself, no need to perfect it, just write it the once and ink away.

see you Saturday, I cannot wait.

Wanna make you insane, there's nothin' about this, this is what is love is, insane.



now that is my kinda cupcake.

absurdity at it's finest.

I can die happy now that I've discovered the pineberry.


I hope this is not how men operate.

it's good to be scared, it means you have something left to lose.