Boys, Boys, All Types of Boys.

oh let's go.

the men in green are playing tonight, to clearly win the series, although in my honest opinion I think it's gunna go to Game Seven.

This is sort of a random thought that's been crossing my mind recently [not that this whole thing isn't random]. But... time is flying by. I can't believe it's already half way towards July, pretty soon the end of August will be here and it's back to the grindhouse. So cherish all the time you have whether you're alone or not (o:3


Dude I've been looking for these for a whole two days now!!!!!!

sad to say the search is getting tiring, and I'm on the verge of accepting the fact that if I want Jamba Juice I'm gunna have to drive my ass to New York to get some, don't second guess for a minute that I won't either, I'm that crazy (o:3

I love men who:
- smell good.
- see the importance in going to school. Because not having finished high school isn't a good thing.
- can drive stick, idk I think it's haht. haha
- let me pay for things sometimes, but don't confuse that with not having a job....
- are taller than me. gotta be at least this tall to ride this ride.
- type properly.
- love to eat, with me, and food in general.
- can make me laugh/ find similar things funny without having to explain why they are so.
- being nice to their mom.

haha I suppose this is true.

I used to think this was semi-cute, that semi has now turned into completely nauseating. Idk I never really like the whole idea of couples wearing the same exact thing....I think it's kinda creepy, but hey who am I to say? I mean his and hers rings or something small I think is okay..

say hello to my little friend, twin 9mm gold earbuds. I love it.

hmmm iPhone4 or these...I'm gunna go with both.

introducing the "all new" XBOX360, what's "new" about it you ask? uhhh it's black? okay so it's not just black it's slimmer, better wi-fi connection, and it's 3 bills. oh yeah they fixed the whole ring of death problem so you won't have to worry about letting your friend fucking shit up anymore.

I need this watch in my life, or else a lot of bad things are going to happen to a lot of good people....

blue please!

no thanks Hennessey Venom GT


so besides the fact that a shave/cut is forty bones, I'd go there if I was a guy, at least once anyway.

great idea. I'm serious.

I wish I had one of these zippos instead, sadface.

it's nice out, be outside please.

peace. keep it rawr. (o:3