cloudy with a chance of meatballs.


Listened to Kid's newest single, and read this review of it as well:
"Well Mr. Solo Dolo is in the studio working on his sophomore release, Man On The Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager, and he has new music for the summer from the upcoming album. “REVOFEV” short for Revolution of Evolution, was produced by Plain Pat with strings from Larry Gold and features Cudi wailing like a hip hop Bob Marley over deep drums and strings, about what? Not exactly sure. A marijuana induced revolution led by kids, maybe? Whatever the case, the first single from his second album sounds good."

download it here. ----> REVOFEV

When life hands you lemons...
make lemonade hand them shits back.

I'm not looking for a stereo typical relationship, or a relationship at all for that matter. I just want someone who's gunna wake up and be the same person they were yesterday, the same person they are when they're at home, and the same person they are when they're with me.

finna go kayaking and whatnot. ciao!

keep it....just keep it.