Spazz.....If You Want To.

back then hoes didn't want me.
now I'm hot they all on me they still don't.

Every night I find new people, and not a single one can hold my attention for more than a minute. Note to self: find life more boring and normal. naht.

I've been asking myself over and over and overoverover. why settle? what's the point, even if you have the slightest inkling that things might pan out, and this is just a faze, why even risk it? You have a sure shot, take it? Then again, I was born a gambler an addict and a fiend. It's in my blood and I don't deny it, it's half the reason why I don't dabble.

on yeah this is me, and I ain't goin' no where, so you can turn tables, and you can throw chairs.

until next time. or not, whatever's clever.

keep it raw.