Don't Wanna Be An American Idiot.

I'm officially done with my Summer courses! I can finally relax, for what little time I have left.

Day 11- Favorite picture ever taken of yourself

Well this seems a wee bit narcisistic don'tcha think? meh when aren't we all a tad bit into ourselves.
I don't have a favorite so I'll just throw in the most current one.

I love these! Well done Jason S.

I rarely post anything that's been coming from JB or Nike anymore, one because I think everything that comes out now a days looks like shit, and two, well read number one again.
"Ryu Dunks"....hop off Street Fighters dick. <--- I'm just mad that they're mids.

these however, are amazing. by Diversitile.

Black please! I love Vans. check out the collab with Carhart.

Undefeated, thanks for following [do you thank people for that?] anyways, take a looksie at their Fall line.


For all those eleven fans, here ya go! get em while you can.

apparently her verse is hot, I'll give it a listen and tell you what I think eh?

sweeeet. I would never though.

I'm not sure what everyone's obsession is with the 80s, but I was born in the nineteen nineties, and I'm really not tryna imitate another decade.

this is one, sexy as hell, watch. I'll take one, or two.

Remy's first clear spirit! It has pear and .... mint in it, and it's forty dollaz a bottle, it's a collab with a New York mixologist <--- best word/profession ever.

this is WAAAAAY too cool for school you. haha

awesome cake yo, although I'm not sure if black frosting tastes good or not.

my Dad used to always say I can't even draw a straight line, well Dad, now you can. Happy early Birthday sucka.


too all my nerds : 1337.

what's worse than a tornado...a FIRE tornado. F that noise, I'd be out.

just unveil it already jeez.

I really like these cabinets, I would like them for my future home, note to self.


Fred, I wanna buy everything on your site.

story of my life, except reduce all night to about two hours.

I'd get married in this, easy.

no words can describe.

I love you two but that dress..... [sorry McQueen] gotsta go.

Nike Dunk SB C&Ks. These were my first SB's, and one of my favorite pairs. I love the different greens on them, and of course the gauge on the tongue. Not to mention the sound waves on the side, some people call em Amps I believe. Meh they're just sneaks when it comes down to it.

I spy Lemon Heads! ^^^ I used to feign for these, and they were on sale so I bought them (:

it's super nice outside! GO OUTSIDE!

but ....
keep it raw.

I'm starting to draw up some designs for "keep it raw", let me know if you have any ideas ! [blood should be involved, and bright hues are a must]