Bloody Brilliant.

I wanna play

I'm glad I can understand this.

no comment

can't wait for this season...
fuck yo couch bitch.

can I borrowz some?

word, shit's ill.


Nice rhythm

the validity of this statement is too great.

What do you wanna be when you grow up you ask? A dog owner of course!

the last weekend of the summer is drawing near, you know what that means motherlovers.

"I'm talkin' bout shots, ridiculous amounts" - Kid
he said it not me..

these are way too cool for peepz. I usually don't like dark wood for furniture/in general, but I can't take my eyes off them.

I'll take the black on black, and the blue and green one, thank you (: really anyone except the red....

they also have a boss white one, but I'm impartial.

people are too creative....I need to change underwear.
Jeremy M. takes old books cuts holes and then makes rings by laminating the sheets together.

dope concept. It's self explanatory.


tee hee, me likey this one

that's one badassmotherfucking kid.

yay it's real!

I'm buying this.

perhaps I'll put this on it?

I wanna put my lunch in here!!!!!!!

my mom really likes things that are mini, so do I. yeah yeah I know Starbucks icecream, it was pretty good, not even gunna lie.

I really like this sticker.

best fountain, it is.

dude I'm buying these for all of us [cousins]

Nike Dunk SB Homers! The colorway takes after Homer Simpson, and they're one of my favorite cartoon shows, so of course I had to get them. I'm not a fan of Marge though [the sneaker]

I'm so glad I got to witness the second one. LIVE

here's the first one

I think this year's was better.

go outside

keep it raw.