I Be Gettin' High

Just To Balance Out The Lows.

Day 09- Five things you want to see change

- The seasons, let's shorten Winter down to about a month, thank you.
- I wish people weren't so shallow, myself included.
- I hope that they change the legal drinking age, although it will never happen.
- Us talking again.
- "Be the change you want to see in the world".

You look too good.

the things I would do...


look at dem billz

hahahah true that, true that.

Day 08- Someone you think would make a good president

Other than the one we have right now? I honestly don't know, I think that when it comes to politics and shit like that, who ever gets elected, more power to ya. Yeah there are certain qualities that I think our prez should have, do I know exactly what those are? No. Do I think I'm qualified to say who should be president? Probably not. next.

really cool concept, but I'm not sure who ever I end up living with, would appreciate these as much as I would. I used to color outside alll the lines as a kid, but when it came to cutting things along the dotted lines, I was a wizard. Maybe it's a girl thing, maybe it's an Asian thing, I'll save you all the trouble and say it's a Kibbee thing. ya dig?

hipster much? no thanks, cool concept though. I like the ring better.

really artsy fartsy cake. I wonder how it tastes...

This is apparently the first earthquake proof bed. I'd love to test it out, see if it really is quake proof. There's little cubbies for putting canned food and what not, I suppose I'd put other things in them.

this thing look siicknasty. I'd love to load this bad boy up and just go somewhere. It's built for one person, just the way I like things. my shit.

Androgyny? Lady Andro.

I'm ready for ya.

Cassie for VIBE.

Ciara's new album artwork?

nice chest, where you rest?

Eminem will always be one of my favorites.

Reasons why Kobe will never be number one. Yeah I give him props, but I still can't stand the dude. Fuck a Kobe.

too funny.