Saturn Is My Favorite Planet

Random, and I don't care. I've always liked Saturn the best, maybe it's something about those rings...I'm not sure if it's the colors and how it blends fiery tones, or what. All the other planets can suck my left one, twice.

I can't get enough of you boy. MSL this one's for you.


I mean you play pretty much everything, so please, come back to Boston.

hey you, nice suit. Not to mention that skinny tie man.


I think I'll see this movie, based solely on that fact that they're brilliant enough to do a campaign via chatroulette.props

this is my new line for people who clearly shouldn't be breathing. For instance, people who think it's alright to

I love the color of your smoking device Wiz, that is all.

Miss Universe!

Damn Miss Isreal.....those eyes....

I love the body paint on her. Miss. Malaysia

lolz u korean? kidding, you're stunning.
And of course the Winner! Miss Mexico.

SUPREME Fall/Winter

I mean I love PS[insert number here] as much as the next guy, but this is taking it a tad bit too far. Plus the controller is waaaay too wide, it won't fit.

Like Graffiti by Ben M. these are pretty siick.

nice view, I miss going to the beach, sunshine where in the hell are you?!

10DEEP. preview if you will

NSW Destroyer Jacket by Nike, please appear on a hanger in my room....pretty please?

beast mode activated. I love basketball, it was my first love, and even though I'm in love with tennis, nothing can replace it.

NY Times, I read this article at work last week, and although I can tell the difference on most, there are some counterfeits out there that still give me trouble. I also didn't know that counterfeit shoes take the cake when it comes to that category. Who knew?
astounding fact: for every two pairs of real ones there's one fake.

coolest thing I've seen in a while....holy shit I want one. They're only five bills!

they have other reaaallly cool things check em out!:

I'm buying the one on the left. Call me un-lady like, I could care less.

this is the one I'm getting

Travel Instructions
"Please remember that your unique handcrafted piece of Bullet Girl jewelry is a
blank bullet and will not be permitted to be worn or checked-in with your carry
on luggage. To travel with this jewelry, it must go in your checked luggage."

my prayers have been answered....disposable flasks...I have a bigger version courtesy of my amazing cousin, but it's more of a bag than a flask I must say.

I need these.

rofl copter.

Plasma rifle?!?!?! I wish this worked. A3-21 Plasma to be exact.

I could use these today for certain.

I like black better. then again, I think nearly everything looks better in black.

at least you're being a tool in style? it's called a pocket mothertruckers.

remember Duck Hunt?!?!?!? Here's the gun in soap form!

this boat is the coolest water concept ever!!! Is it just me or do you think that when a boat "cuts" through the water it looks like a zipper?

all I want for Christmas are these. Mom, take note.


If you don't know this by now, I love food. I'm eating as I type this actually.
Alton Brown you're a G, I wish I was you. Oh yeah, and I watch The Food Network religiously. If there's food involved count me in yo.

this will be mine...soon...

whenever you're in traffic just think about how bad China has it. It could last for weeks kid.

hehehe neat.

I envy you.

best shirt ever.

I hope our flight is like this!

nice poster, each icon is relative to it's popularity ranking.


Day 07- Favorite cover of your favorite song

I rarely like covers.

keep it raw.