Ms. Memory.

Howdy everyone!

Day 06- Earliest thing you can remember

Earliest thing I can remember huh? This is extremely difficult, BIRTH. Kidding, haha. I'm not really sure, sometimes a picture jogs my memory but for now I'd say jumping on my parents bed after being yelled at not to, I fell off, and my Dad laughed at me. Great parenting at its finest.

I love catching up with old friends after you haven't seen them in ages. Cuz I get sick of people disgustingly fast. If I see the same people all the time I eventually start to pick out their flaws and they become magnified ten-fold and we end up clashing at some point, I then tell myself to take a break from them and time fixes the problem, but I'd rather not let things get to that point. Or maybe it's that people actually get sick of me first, and they just humor me until I can no longer take it....