Dazed and UnConfused.

How is everyone ? (o:3
this weather is pretty dreary, but other than that, everything is going pretty well.
I'm mentally at a really great place now, and although there have been some snags, We Good Here.

I'd rather have someone just tell me straight up anything and everything that they feel they need to then withhold it from me. So although I may not have the words to say immediately I will respond eventually. And to those who keep things bottled up, please do not. Or at least try your best. Because there's nothing worse than keeping everything inside. Well, other than taking everything that was inside out on someone else.
blah sorry for rambling.

I really need to find out what blood type I am....because apparently my mom is the cool kind. - note to self.


haha I know you guys do this too.

Day 26- Your definition of love.
Consuming. Because you'll know it when you feel it.

I wish we had these on the East coast.

I can safely say I wouldn't ever want a ring that big.

I could totally go for some of this right now.

Driving stick is sexy.

Please send me there immediately, if only I knew how to surf.....

cannot wait to get my license, no lie.

see you in a month and a half, I'm so stoked.

gorgeous. both the dress, and the car, but mostly the car.

 hehe I remember these, they're awesome. I haven't seen a gumball machine in a while, but I know where the closest one is (I think). Heading there tmrw fa sho.
this holds 140000 BALLS.

I eat that shit for breakfast.

Best vacuum evar.

tea anyone? I'd love a few sets of these for my abode.

Terry and Kim. Nice shoot yo.


now that is my kinda breakfast.

this looks a bit like my room, except replace them all with magazines for men.....

ex: Maxim, GQ, Details.

I would keep stuff in there, but certainly not an iPhail.


welcome to the fridge of the future, idk about you but I'll stick to my Frigidaire.
Apparently you stick whatever you want to get cold in the "gel" and it stays in there, somehow....odor free?


meh here's a few boxes from my collection, I'm too lazy to take them all out like I said...haha

I shouldn't be allowed to use a computer seeing as I just bought an xbox and clothes. clearly I don't need any of this crap... haha....shoot me.

keep it open.