I Like My Mountains Blue.

haha, always a good time when old friends from your past show up unexpected. It was really nice seeing you guys, even if shit wasn't all that fun.

 "I'm having a good time, they just trying to ruin it" - You already know who.

I was good to you, but you made me lose patience.
Took my kindness for weakness, now you faced with,
Me not texting back, call and I don't answer back.
Messed up, now the party's done, that's the end of that.

"She runs on two speeds, slow and stop, and right now she's on full stop"
- Bobby Miller, I'm so glad you're my Dad.

Thank you for asking for my name today, because every time you're around, I'm at a loss for words. Maybe it's those eyes, that appear to say more than they let on....

keep it raw babe.