Desperate Times Call For Undesperate People.

Day 19- A passage from a book that has touched you

I'm illiterate.
But if I had to pick:

"There was something missing – and now I know what it is."
- Catch-22

This year has started off in a variety of ways. Not only have I talked to people more than I ever imagined, but I've grown closer to myself in ways that I never thought possible. I've learned more about myself, and those that clearly matter. I've learned who I can trust, and who I cannot. I've learned who will be there in my time of need, and who won't. More importantly I've mended broken relationships and un-kept promises, which is my biggest accomplishment.

But most importantly, I've learned who I want to be around, who I want to grow around, who always crosses my mind, and who does not. Those who I'd rather go out with than share anything with, and those who I'd rather not talk to anymore. To those who I keep in contact, I focus on, and those who I don't, there's a reason, that I now know.

My mind has been enabled
in the memory you overflow...

I'm okay
you have that affect on me
but I need you desperately
you know I need you desperately.

There's nothing more difficult than living without you.
Suffering while waiting to see you come.
The coldness of my body asks about you.
And I don't know where you are.
If you haven't left I would have been so happy.

keep it raw, and keep it close.