Gentlemen Are Patient Wolves.

when people cut in line, I give them this face:

I say this a lot, despite the fact that I am in fact a girl. No I will not "prove" it.

Take me there, now.

I also hope that these balloons are real.

kickass chandelier, if I say so myself.

damn girl, you fine.
- darren pineda <--- good work

haha true that true that true true that that that.

I can be good, but I can be very,

the weekend starts now

clearly peach.

these look AMAZING.

I love the stuff this kid says but if my son said half the shit he did I'm not sure what I'd do, I know laugh is probably one of the things though.

I'd love to do this to my pair at some point. call me twisted.

this is mostly what my childhood consisted of (o:3

oh this too

yeah I only like the raspberry ones....

hey ho, get away from Robin, that is all.

one word, yes.

hand art is siiiick.

The first full week of school is nearly over and I already feel boxed in.



the things I would do to you....

whoa..... Dell Duo 10" netbooktablet.
dual-core Atom processor.

remember this book ?!?!?!?!

MSL this one's for you, you wine-o. They have stations in supermarkets in Europe where you can bring your own container or buy theirs and fill it up with wine. 2.oo/liter.

I do this at least a few times a day.

no more games.

I would have eaten that....

only if I had patience/skills/gave a fuck.


Day 21- Your favorite medium of art.


cuz you don't.

you speak truths Mr. West. LOL

eating these right now (o:3

I don't get dressed in the dark....all the time ;)

I'm gunna buy this book.

I wish I could do this....fuck living at school

this movie still gets me sometimes...

take me to park avenue, I wanna go for a walk.




So we treat em, like we treat em.

get on my feet.

happy birthday Amanda Elizabeth Lee. twenty-one<--- finally.

I can't wait.

then I say to myself.

peace out motherlovers. The Town awaits!

keep it raw.