TGIF Betch.

not even lying.

I wish I was near one right now, I'd buy 892371893721893712831231237122222222222.

I'm not even exaggerating, anyone who truly knows me understands my love for Mango A Go Go.

Sony please stop making things that I want to buy, I have no monies.

tee hee I love sewer art.

nice bike. it's completely portable, made by Full Circle, not really too stylish looking though.

speaking of bikes... I wanna go back to the red light district just so I can see people riding these around there.

it's uh me, Mah-rio!

is it weird that I'm really attracted to these boots? Not that I really care what you think anyway.
Buttero x SOPHNET. 7 Hole Boot

I want a You guys can keep the bike seats though.
Vans Vault x Brooks England Collection


Fisker Hybrid
Hot damn, if it gets 100mpg I'm down, where do I sign?

iPad light writing?

Oil Spill Photos. Edward B.

Day 22- Someone you would give your life up for without question.

My Mother.

this is a wonderful tattoo, not really a fan of the words but I love the way it was written. You know how I feel about how I think tattoos should be written.


Is this real life?


I really hope that these are real.

not at the table Carlos.


I would like to know where I can purchase the materials to make one of these bad boys.

I want to steal your 7Eleven.

thank you to all the readers (o:3 <--- I can't believe you read this shit, kidding.
keep it raw.