I Do Don't.

I hope we say all the I don'ts, before we say I do.

Howdy! I feel like I haven't talked to you guys in a while. And by talk I mean me sit here and ramble about shit that isn't that interesting. haha
Escuela starts in four days.....whatthebullshit. I'm reallllly not ready to go back. I wish I could live in summermode forever.

so yeah that's mostly it, I've just been trying to soak up as much Summer sun as possible while doing as little as possible for as long as possible. possibleposs.ible.
Tmrw's the last Friday of the summer, you already know.

I may appear like a girl on the outside but my mind consists of both male and female thoughts. mostly male. mostly vulgar really...but don't get me wrong there's a smidge of hopeless romantic in there...somewhere, probably under my passion for a good game and a good beer.

Day 13- A memory that never fails to make you laugh

It was seventh grade, I was staying at my friend Sabrina's we were joined at the hip at the time. We snuck out of the house to go meet up with our other friends about a ten, fifteen minute walk away. We met up with our other two friends and we were off! Apparently in the town of Belmont there's a town-wide curfew for kids that are not eighteen....who knew. We saw a cop running our way so we thought it'd be a bright idea to , yep, run. Mind you we were just walking, not doing anything wrong.... The cops saw us running and turned on their sirens and lights and starting coming towards us. Sabrina trips <--- on cue. And we run into someones backyard. So picture four girls in some random ass backyard for no fucking reason, scared shitless, while a cop with a flashlight looks around. We stayed there for a good twenty minutes before we grew a pair and left. I'm not a lesbian...... but I can appreciate beauty (o:3

I usually don't care about celebrities, but Alicia....wtf happened to Common.

I like totally agree. <---- you'll never see me say that again...

I'm sorry but these things are just fucking ridiculous...it's called a blunt....Jesus.


I LOVElovelove.love clouds. When I was little I wanted clouds on everything. my walls my ceilings. ME. but my mommy never got around to it. So I promised myself to paint them in my room when I get my own place!

word playa.

I think I'll add People Watching to my list of favorite activities. I also love to mimic people I see on the street. to expose stupidity of course.

that and professional cupcake eater. or tasting. to me they're the same.

weird art is good art.

KIBBEE HUNGRYYYYYYYY with that said fuck this post I'm gunna go find food.