MORE about nothing.

Some verses I'm feelin off the mixtape.

Past summer dough, motherfuck a ho
This is More About Nothing, I'm the fucking show
Hold it, keep rolling

Respect is like food, nigga what it do?
I'm eating real good, no soup for you
- The Soup

But monogamy's redundant, sometimes you find the one
sometimes you give it up, sometimes you buy the ring wit no problems,
you in love, sometimes it ain't wassup, sometimes you play the fool,
so for now I'm doin' me, and I'm fine nigga it's cool.
- The Breeze (Cool)

Even if you've had a relationship with someone,
or let's say especially if you've had a relationship with someone,
and you try and become friends afterwards. It's very difficult.
Isn't it? It's hard ,because, you know each other so well, ya know?
You know all each others tricks. It's like two magicians trying to
entertain each other. One goes hey look a rabbit and the other one
goes, so?

Where your whereabouts baby? I care about you lady
And I left you all them letters in your mailbox waiting
And I ain't never plan to be famous
So I'm a take that rubber off, I wouldn't mind having babies
With a home girl best friend lover all that
- The Friends & Strangers

I know your love is the purest ,
But sexin without affection is necessary for some of us ,
Here's my heart you can hold it , I won't need it on this road trip ,
And I aint tryna cheat so go head , leave me to my lonesome .

The only girl I say I love you , and I'm not pretendin ,
Look , I got no time for that type of connection ,
Meantime , I hope you keep your vagina protected ,
Your friends say , why we not together yet
Sad but its true , but I ain't on ya level yet.
- The Number Won

But I think I'm bipolar. I love you then I hate you.
Grew with this dame though I hate whoever aint you
Hate when I cant date you but I also need my space too
I made room for this love. How foolish of me
And every woman looking at you knew that you was lucky
So check the verse miss. I ain't say I'm perfect.
But you was low on love, what I do; reimbursed it
And now it hurts to be around or converse with ya
And what's worse is before this I had worse with ya
Now war missiles hand guns and grenades

So now I press ignore if ever Cupid tried to call up
They call me better now. See when everything is stopped
And your loves in hindsight and you see everything its not
Notice everything it wasn't. Realizing why it shouldn't ever be again
Cause in the end its not about what you put in.
Fuck kissing and hugging. They love pushing your buttons.
New love is so beautiful. Time just makes it ugly.
But fuck it i accept it. no longer will neglect it
- The War, a personal favorite.

Sometimes I just wanna speak you up
Yeah, hit you up, or call you up, or send a text
Your new man got my respect
So if I do call it's just a check
Heard that you alright though
My nigga for life though
It's funny how this life go
We love for a while then a light goes
Took me a while just to write those
Pride had a fight so I'mma stop right here
And I know you don't care
But I hope you got that bite boo.

Can we stay broken up
And all these pages close em up
I hope we both do learn from this
So my next don't don't gotta be so rough
Gotta get better wit time
Relationships should never rewind
Better leave it all behind
Guess that means you'll never be mine
Well um,there's a but
Without your love it's cold as fuck
Life is a movie we both say cut
But most the time darlin' the sequel sucks.
- The Breakup Song

Lets Get High Kill These Lows
Trees Yeah
All Weekend
Lets Get Up Lets Get Down
Boy You Know I'll Smoke You Out
Haha No Secret
- The Cloud