Somebody Save Me.

From all the rain. preferably before the night is initiated.

I love spending time with my Gma, she's ill. Go spend time with old people <--- best advice I could ever give anyone.
Day 14- Best mashup you’ve ever heard

How about the best I've heard lately....haha

Fancy water!

The red is a nice touch.

Cardboard.....cameras?!?! caught me, they're not real but they're cool.

High speed bullet photography <--- siick.

Steve, how about you just release your shit all at once so people don't have to keep buying them. It's not like you need anymore money. I mean they start at 149....

I want a few of these as pets (o:3 they're already super cute, so yeah.

Tom Hardy.......

I would participate in a fashion show like this, it's awesome, it's underwater! then you don't have to deal with the embarrassment of falling on stage.

apparently people are just now realizing that black people talk on the phone more than white people... -_- One: who the fuck cares?two: no shit, we're a loud people. yes A people.

I'm moving in soon, and I think my folks should be saying things like this instead of the usual, you're not drinking enough milk, or go to sleep earlier!

BRING IT EARL. You're not stopping my Friday night.

keep it raw.