Things used to be, now they not
Anything but us is who we are
Disguising ourselves as secret lovers
We've become public enemies
We walk away like strangers in the street
Gone for eternity
We erased one another
So far from where we came
With so much of everything, how do we leave with nothing
Lack of visual empathy equates the meaning of L-O-V-E
Hatred and attitude tear us entirely

Let's play the blame game, I love you, more
Let's play the blame game for sure.
Let's call her names, names, I hate you, more.
Let's call her names, names, for sure.
I'll call you bitch for sure

As a last resort, and my first resort
You call me motherfucker for long,
At the end of it you know we both were wrong.

But I love to play the blame game, I love you, more.
Let's play the blame game for sure.
Let's call her names, names, I hate you, more.
Let's call her names, names, for sure.

You’re not easy to love.
Why is everything, with you so complicated?
Why do you make it hard to love you...
Oh I hate it.
Cause, if you really wanna be alone, I,
Will throw my hands up cause baby I tried,
But everything with you is so complicated,
Oh why?
Sometimes I get you, sometimes I don’t understand.
Sometimes I love you, sometimes it's you I can't stand.
Sometimes I wanna hug you, sometimes I wanna push you away.
Most times I wanna kiss you, other times put you in your place.
And every minute you start switching up
And you say things like, ‘ You don't give a fuck!'
Then I say, ‘I'm through with you.' Take my heart from you.
And you come running after me, and, baby, I'm back with you.

Sometimes I feel like we will be together forever
But you’re so complicated, my heart knows better.

I'mma stick around, just a little while longer.
Just to make sure, that you’re really sure, you like sleeping alone

Seems like we are arguing more and it's getting less romantic
Yeah, I think she'll be able to tell soon 

You feel like you miss those happy days, well girl that makes two of us
Our timing is wrong,
Your friends always tying up every line on your phone,
Yeah but tell them bitches that you'll always be my Mrs.
And the hardest part about the fucking business is minding your own
Uhh, and everytime I try and break it off
We just yell until we tired then I break you off
It's useless all this fighting let's get past it now
Even when I throw them deuces you just send it back around.

All of the lights all of the lights. This album is practically all I've been listening to lately. And I love it.

Also, I gave Kid's album a thorough chance.
"Don't Play This Song" <--- mostly the reason why I don't like you, props though.

Oh yeah this song too.

Cause I may be bad, but I'm perfectly good at it
Sex in the air, I don't care, I love the smell of it
Sticks and stones may break my bones...
But chains and whips excite me. 

I wish we could celebrate.

Don’t remember why you love me, please allow me to remind you
And I know you left me once, but I came right back to find you
Even though I like being in your past you got a bright future behind you
Oh, damn, oh
Girl I must admit I look amazing next to you
Girl you crazy, sexy, cool and you stayed obsessed to school
But that's good, cause you know that them grades impress me too
And my free days are just for you, but I don’t get many
It's like every time we spend time, it feels like the first time
Cause we never spend enough time, you catch me at the worst time
It ain’t like your not worth time, just I don’t control it

But tonight I made it happen just to celebrate the moment
Give it up one time