Saturday Night And I Feel Alright.

Greetings my frengs!

Day 03 - Your views on drugs and alcohol.
Priorities straight and in moderation, simple as that. next?


Me likey.

and I jizzed in my pants. Mercedes 2011SLS AMG GT3

I used to be obsessed with these as a kid, to the point where I can only eat them once in a blue now. Stupid parents, why didn't you control me more?

mwahaha this is great. I love fruit.

I wish I had balls to get a cut like this.


oh hey childhood, what's good. I love[d] this show. But you can't just change Arthur's and expect me not to notice, Brain too. I may be dumb but I'm not stupid Mr. Brown.

pair ^^ with this:

the fact that this is permanently tattooed on you is kinda disturbing no?

I like this one.


I wish my classes were like this. Fuck a GB course.

bacon is my friend at the moment. I've missed you.

I need this shirt in my life asap.

what a waste of toast, at least it's for a good cause.

penthouse panty dropper.

JB Holiday releases.

DNA art. You send them a swap of your DNA and they transfer it through a hemoglobin machine and then some stuff gets put into an incubator....they project your results onto x-ray canvas and voila! someone drop four-fiddy on the ground so I can get this done, thxkbye.

Fox you've outdone yourself. Over seventy movies. <--- there better be for 360.00

I love bacon but even this is going too far.

I've found some new reading material!

this will be in my house at some point....unfortunately far far far from now.

I NEED A PIE MAKER! I don't even really like pie...but this is awesome! plus the pies look really cute, mine would probably turn out terribad.

 download this immediately.

 year round sled?!?!?!?! Where the hell were you my entire childhood? it comes with two molds that are supposed to be filled and froze, thus making winter portable.

"If, for whatever reason, you don't want a big bottle labeled Moonshine at your sister's volleyball game, you can go incognito with this Spike Your Juice ($10) kit. Simply grab yourself a 64 oz. bottle of juice, dump in one of the six included yeast packets, pop on the airlock, and wait. In 48 hours or so, you'll have your own homemade hooch with an alcohol content of up to 14 percent. Great for parties, fooling in-laws, or as a holiday gift for buddies doing hard time."

East. All day everyday.

not really a fan of Sam Adams but perhaps I'll give it a go.

this electric bike looks sweeeet.


best concept ever.

If I had knowledge about cameras I'd probably find these a lot cooler than I already do.

this is getting out of hand people.

I'm out.

keep it raw in mind.