How you sleep on the one you dream about.
That the story of us looks a lot like a tragedy now.

Part-Time Lover. Full-Time Friend. I know now it's just me in the end.

Day 04 - Your views on religion.
Everyone is entitled to their own. I believe in God, and even though I know it's wrong, I keep living like there's time later to be more "religious". Terrible I know, but I'm young and out of control.


if only I could find enough people to dress up with me.

I need this sign for the future store.

Gunna go eat there at some point this week, enough of this "you've never eaten there" bullshit.

hahaa damn, chiilll.

Saw Part I last night. I mean I knew you guys were gunna cut it in an awkward place but seriously though? I'm on to your marketing schemes.

this is fucking hilarious.


this sweatshirt needs to be one with my wardrobe. 

 Hey just so you guys know, this is real music.


I send it with a . sometimes when a person has pissed me off, but when I receive said K I'm really thinking this.

I love wearing tights with sneakers. I shall do this tmrw I say. Oh yeah and fedoras too.

 if they weren't pink I might like them a little bit more. The fact that they have giraffe legs for heels is amazing though.

oh hey Jake

honestly. fuck a polite.


I really just wanna do this sometimes.

 this is taking things too far.

the greatest King of Pop that ever and will ever live. please, come find me if you think otherwise.

 ouch, doesn't even begin to describe.

 let him out!

and put him in here!

hahahah fucking hipsters.

rules to live by.

I commend you all, deeply.

let's take shrooms.

I wanna drive through this.

Anne H. For Vogue.

you'd think that I would want to buy these, but no, not once, not never.

Jada control them kids. kidding, sorta, Willow what are you wearing? seems to me that you got in a fight with many belts.

I tend to say this at least once a day.

I will be there veryveryveryveryvery soon. What happens there, stays there right?


She used to be your number one
She used to be your only lover
But now
That's just what she used to be

Now every now and then
You get the feeling

Seein' her again might be appealing
So you call her, dial the number
Say you want to hook up
Cause you wonder
How she's doin?
Is she okay?
And do she wanna see you this Friday?
And if it works out your way
This is what you hear yourself say...

She's lost in your memory.

sometimes, more often than not actually. not for long though.


keep it alive.