Eat Tons.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, please share it with those you hold close.

and eat as much mac n' cheese as possible, screw turkey. (o:3

To my dearest cousin Robert E. Lee, Happy Thanksgiving, even though it's almost over, over there. Miss you, see you soon.

To my mother, stop being so anti-social and come out.

this is interesting.

I used to be obsessed with this show when I was a kid, well it was more of a phase. The phase shortly ended when I tried to this, and fell off my bed.

hahah although this is quite sad.

Day 05 - A time you thought about ending your own life.

err, I know this isn't really holiday appropriate but I can't help that I'm terrible at following the days on these things.

I've never really considered ending my own life. Yeah there have been some pretty rough fucking times, but I know things will look up at some point. I don't really consider myself an optimist or a pessimist but I tend to have the mentality of, "things could always be worse". Yes they may be terrible in the moment, but I honestly love feeling terrible sometimes, I love being able to feel. Call me crazy, call me whatever. I don't like being dependent on anything and often times anyone either, to help me get through whatever it is I'm dealing with. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger might try again, so be ready.

On a brighter note, there's a shark in my glass!

They ain't nothin ta fuck wit. Fuck a Young Money, sorry Drizzy.

haha I don't really believe this, but it is quite clever.

story of my life.

maybe if the preview didn't have "damn, ninjas" in it, or Kate Bosworth, or...yeah...I don't even think the fact that this movie has ninjas will be able to save it

I just wanna have a good time, and keep you off my mind.

keep it raw cooked. not tryna get sick.