Start.Start.Start It Up.

I cannot wait for this week.weekend.friday.saturday.sunday.monday.

see ya when I see ya.

Las Vegas baby.

Day 06 - Write 30 interesting facts about yourself. 
Of course the longest one would be for today. gooooood. 
Idk about interesting...hell, I'm not even sure about thirty.

Yes, Kibbee is my real.full.given. name.  
I don't like when people who don't know me call me Kibs. - kindly, gtfo.
I am Chinese. Canto-Pride.
No siblings. Although people seem to think otherwise.
The only pets I've had were fish or Mexican Jumping Beans.
I despise Mexican Jumping beans, and secretly want to free the worms inside.
I love music. I don't think there's been very few days in my life where I didn't listen to it.
My favorite color is violet/purple/lavender (o:3 not to be confused with maroon. 
9. I despise pink most of the time. 
I'm not even going to lie, I have manly tendencies.qualities.thought processes. (occasionally)
I love video juegos. Counter-Strike to be exact. 
I will kick your ass. Probably physically too. [kidding]
Two-finger rings are the shit. I rarely take mine off.
I love vinyl.
I like fedoras. Both on men and in general.
Sprite and Canada Dry are my favorite. 
Coke over Pepsi any day.
Macaroni and Cheese is the best invention ever. 
I rarely wear color....something that I've been working on to change as of late.
PC until I die.
Sneakers over heels any day, night is a different story though.
22. People who are close to me know way more about me than I do.
Used to play ball. Now I just focus on tennis and running mostly.
I don't play games. Shoot me straight. Always.
Good weed, white wine, I come alive in the nighttime.
Carpe Noctem.
I drive with my left hand on the wheel and my right on the shifter. mostly.
My hair is too curly for it's own good.
I don't like to follow the rules all the time, so I'm gunna stop at twenty-nine.