Fall For Your Type.

So who am I to judge you on the past, girl
I think there’s a reason for it all
you say that you’re nothing like the last girl
I just pray that you don’t let me down right now
it’s too late, I’m already yours
you just gotta promise me, hearts won’t break
and end up like before...

I believe in people like you

I just can't explain this at all.....

You just needed time to do what you had to do
Caught in the life, you can't let it go
Whether that's right? I will never know

I can't promise you perfection, nor do I expect that, what I can promise you is that as long as you're trying, I'll be here.

Halloween '10. Filled with blood alcohol content through the roof, terrible decisions, laughter, and a few photos. Countdown until the socially acceptable naked-ness begins.
I really should never be allowed to drink, I really should never be allowed to talk to people about touchy subjects while intoxicated. Serious.

All's well that ends well, and I hope that ended well, reasons why? See above. Embarrassed doesn't even describe.

For those that know me, or can read, well then you should know that I am obsessed with TrueBlood, hence the title for this "blog" and all manymanymany photos of Alexander S. / the cast.
So I thought I should pay tribute!

way past belligerent. never happening again. (lies)

then of course I was part skank. typical.  annoying duster not pictured.

I know. -_-

 Hope you guys enjoyed Halloween!!! Especially the gangsters.

I was featured on this site (o:3 Had to represent for alllllll the ladies, and Boston of course. Size 6 Club. 

Just whip it, whip it whip it. rofl copter.

hahah, too funny.

costume ideas for next year.....

you could always try performing sober, I mean it couldn't hurt right? Just throwin' that out there.

see! drugs are bad iKid. hahaha but TMNT never fails.

these taste terribad and they fuck up your insides (more than usual)...no thanks.

great music video. one of my favorites actually.

this sink is kickass.

suck on that one LBJ.

Day 01 - Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is.
Hard. Nothing really to discuss.

I'm so glad that someone else has found this umbrella and is using it in a way that could not have been more perfect.

How about replace 7AM with any hour of the day because I am a natural klutz, and "your shit keeps malfunctioning around me".

Damn straight. Story of my life. Because when things are going good I tend to try to make them complicated for no apparent reason, besides sheer stupidity -_-.

mwahahah. BLAWST.

there is no way in hell my kids would be allowed out like this.
psh and no datin' till after ya married. - Oscar Proud.

awww cutie. Call me crazy but I used to feel bad erasing a lot of stuff when I was younger, cuz then I wouldn't have an eraser anymore, and I'd have to either a) find a new eraser <--- yeah right b) get a new pencil.

no other way to sleep. well besides using someone else as your personal blanket <---- only way to sleep.

I'm confused.....is this a Sprite imitation or....carbonated milk?

Peace like the Middle East.

I don't find this guy attractive, sue me. Nor do I like Nicki Minaj, sue me....twice.

I have no idea why I laughed so hard at this but I did. hope someone else finds it funnies.

Pizza rolls are the shiet, but they taste faaaar superior when cooked in an oven.

Table Connect? Force and twenty halves.

great shirt.

I mean I love the concept but this is a tad too extreme for me.

best five minutes I've spent all day.

Hey Mom I'd like this for Christmas.

Kim Sung. You're a wiz with oil.
I love when our lips meet.

I hope nothing gets on your face though.....for a twenty-six dollar pillow it better not.
if you're gunna do it, do it big.
fuck that mini.diet.doesn't taste as good. nonsense.


foldable keyboard concept.
oh WORD. my favorite. If you knew me you'd understand the sarcastic undertones to that last statement. 
I wanna climb this sofa king bad. Looks like I have to go back to Amsterdam!
hahahah MopBob.

This is one baddass guy, I'm gunna walk into work this way from now on...

I think this is adorable (o:3

You asked me why I like you, or is it why I love you? 
Cuz' I swear the answer remains the same.
Telling me I deserve better, and truth is I know I do.
But the issue isn't someone else, 
it's something more like I know I deserve better from you.

keep it raw.