Just Another One.

It's my birthday today. But I honestly just see it as another day, was never really a big fan of "parties" or all that jazz. I'm really just down to hang out with people who I keep close, eat some great food, ice cream cake is a must of many. Maybe kick back a few drinks, but nothing major. I'm always down to have a good time though, but I'd like to remember my birthday for the most part (o:3

I know a lot of people can't be here today but know that there's nothing I'd wanna do more than to spend this day with you. I mean after all it's my party and I can cry do whatIfuckingwant!

And of course to those who were born on this day as well, Happy Birthday to you as well!

We got a bottle of that Rose
baby we gon' celebrate.
Make it feel like its your birthday
baby girl lets celebrate.
Party after party, I cant wait to celebrate.

Don’t remember why you love me, please allow me to remind you
And I know you left me once, but I came right back to find you
Even though I like being in your past you got a bright future behind you
Oh, damn, oh
Girl I must admit I look amazing next to you
Girl you crazy, sexy, cool and you stayed obsessed to school
But that's good, cause you know that them grades impress me too
And my free days are just for you, but I don’t get many
Its like every time we spend time, it feels like the first time
Cause we never spend enough time, you catch me at the worst time
It ain’t like your not worth time, just I don’t control it
But tonight I made it happen just to celebrate the moment
Give it up one time.

keep it celebrating.