It's Enough For Me.

Being with you is enough for me.
I cannot begin to fathom my most precious moments with you being any better.
Or any monumental truly important ones in the future being any different for that matter.
I guess the difference between you and I is that you wish they were.
Everything's always better with it ?
Well not to me.
The most important moments to me are ones without it.
So that's why I don't think the others should be that different.
Occasionally, sure, we're "young, invincible, unstoppable, and irresponsible".
To keep continuing on a path in the dark, is senseless.
Our generation may be changing, but principals do not.
Not to me at least, please call me old fashioned.
Loving someone is loving them, flaws and all.
Spending all the time in the world with them, and just them.
Not anyone or anything else.
Love is giving up anything to be with that person, anything.
It's about mutual sacrifice, and selflessness.
Qualities hard to find.
If time was endless it wouldn't be a problem.
But it's not, so it is.
So I guess you're right.
The only difference between me and you is it.
And it's unfortunate that it's the only problem.
Because it shouldn't be.