I'm Here To Give You What You Need.

Toshiki Yashiro, continuously doing it big. I'm proud to say that he let me see this antes the premiere last night. It's your time.

So scared of breaking it
But you won't let it bend
And I wrote two hundred letters
I won't ever send
Somehow it is cut so much
Deeper then they seem
You'd rather cover up
I'd rather let them be
So let me be
And I'll set you free

I am in misery
There ain't no other
Who can comfort me
Why won't you answer me?
Your silence is slowly killing me
Boy you really got me bad
You really got me bad

I need another story
Something to get off my chest
My life gets kinda boring
Need something that I can confess

'Til all my sleeves are stained red
From all the truth that I've said
Come by it honestly I swear
Thought you saw me wink, no
I've been on the brink, so

Tell me what you want to hear

ha! if only my parents knew how to use technology from this millenium...

precisely, hence why FB chat is never on and why I cannot stand that website 98% of the time.

I'm a fan, haha I know it seems really emo, sue me.


hopped up out tha bed....

I was talking about this the other night, I honestly do not understand it. at all at all.

uh.....see above statement.

nearly every weekend, work hard play hard right?


lmfao pokebong

dude that's not cool at all...

I find myself saying something along this line when people exhibit pure stupidity.ignorance.narcissism.

cherish everything that you've been blessed with or given because you never know.

people hate hearing this, myself included.

best one I've seen in a while.

this is trippy as fuck.

I think about you all the time.

Because I'd prefer to this nightly.


I need this shirt so I can wear it when I go into Urban Outfitters/walk around hahvahd squehh kehd.

for the sake of the nation take a shower.

 Ricky Ross like a boss.

that's fucked.

this is an adorable costume!!! (o:3

this part of the movie made me want to come out of my skin. - Cabin Fever in case you were wondering.

some are a little interchangeable, concept <--- truths

BUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!! (o:3

great book.

excuse me while I go vomit.

 I did this, this morning but replace Lucky Charms with Frosted Flakes.

I know they're not but I can't deny that I let a few laughs out.

KEEP WEEZY, dude is not helping anything out hea'.

 top left, nuf said.

Jambox speakers. They're two hundo, but they come in cool colors like: Blue Wave, Red Dot and Grey Hex.

It's Christmas season already (who knew) well all I want are these:

my mind has been blown. it's like inception but for cupcakes....

apparently this is releasing Dec. 14th? who knew?

dude this is awesome, if only I knew how to play the guitar...

best boat, ever. It never capsizes.

wonderful movie.

why do I get the girl gun? one of my favorites.

Speaking of guns...I need this lamp in my life.

this concept is fucking crazy, there are USBs that are cemented into walls and people can upload/download/share. Take it as a virtual time capsule if you will. Although it could go terribly wrong....
Dead Drops:
87 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn, NY (Makerbot)
Empire Fulton Ferry Park, Brooklyn, NY (Dumbo)
235 Bowery, NY (New Museum)
Union Square, NY (Subway Station 14th St)
West 21st Street, NY (Eyebeam)

whoa. zombie walk. chile 2010

Zombie walk Chile 2010 from Felipe Taboada on Vimeo.


burger grease art. aka waste of perfectly edible foods.

JR I love your work.

I do. Don't you get it.

keep it raw.