Never Hard To Find.

Pleasure turns to the pain,
Of the lessons learned from the strain,
Of the questions burned in my brain,
About whether to love is humane
In its touch.
These thoughts are like salmon
Swimming upstream
In the tears of your deceit, 
Fighting the current hurt
That kills more than is created
By the chaos of our intertwined emotions:
Chaotic because the anchor
Of Eros' arrow has been plucked from the vessel
Of my undying infatuation.
Separation not as simple as the distance between us, 
My mind no longer possessed 
By the demons 
That had been the overseers 
Of my enslavement to your lies. 
The seeds of these lies, 
Rooted so deeply 
They have cracked the foundation 
Of what we once shared, 
Allowing the faith in us I had sealed inside 
To gush out like a river, 
Ripping the image of our future together 
From my thoughts 
As violently and as brutally 
As if it were a child being taken
From his mother's arms. 
I'm left surrounded in darkness, 
But I refuse to be swallowed by it, 
My loneliness like the night air. 
Invisible to the eye, oblivious to the touch, 
In its cold uncomfortableness. 
Yet if I could do it all over again, 
I'd do it in the same skin I'm in. 
To lay down and let love die, 
Just stay down and let love lie: 
No, no, not I. 
I'll stay 'round and let love fly, 
Even though I have seen its darkest form, deceit. 
Nothing else could taste this warm,
Or feel this sweet.

Watson you're gorgeous.

Mark H. Realistic War Miniatures

The Gma is pretty baddass.

Scarlett J. has been crowned "babe of the year" according to GQ.

cool photo bro.

 Angelina for Vogue.

Reasons why I wanna go to Africa:
- cool animales
- that is all. (:

Linnea Strid this painting is realistically unreal.

these are great!

Sabina I'm officially part of the family now.

BoomCase. <--- really cool portable speakers. [that are entirely way too big]


hahaha . lighten up

please leave her alone, I don't want you to get sick.

the things I would do.

maybe if it wasn't so yuge.


I wanna dance with you.


 and here


where do I purchase this?, size small please.

Mos Def is awesome, and so is this outfit. Simple is great. 

I found some old movie stubs on my desk, I used to keep every single one, until my mommy told me to stop. Psh.... I do what I want I'm a grown ass man.

 keep it raw simple.