California Boston, Knows How To Party.

Day 14 - Your earliest memory.
being in the bathroom and using ze big potty for the first time.

 haha these would be great, but I'd have to hide them and be the one to fill them up.

foot stickers?

Paul D. I think this is a work of genius.

I Mos Def dig ya.

All of the

oh hey Jake

I hate it when people text me "K." I am rarely in the mood to talk about Potassium.
That and when people don't respond for hours on end, yet you know their bitchass is on FB.

story of my life. MSL round two, coming soon (o:3

I lovelovelovelovelove bacon. Came home after work tonight, and made a sammich. with bacon of course.

my mind has been blown....



ouchies.... sick concept, but

those eyes.....

thatta Bama. let bitches know.

flipflipflipflipflipflip.  <--- I know you guys member that song.

mwahaha so corny yet I chuckled

every semester.

such a great summation of things he can do



it's okay guys I have Jewish friends (o:3

"You should really try to smile more hunny"

Doby is my boy.

iight, I'm off this, about to watch The Fighter with ze homies.

keep it raw.kin