Shut Em' Shut Em' Down.

Public Enemy is awesome. New school is not.

it's gunna take a lot more, than half apologies. when I'm going all in on no immunity.....

yet this song won't gtfo my head.
if you got a problem.... start it up......vrrooooom vrrrrooooom start it up. X2

Saw Black Swan for the second time wednesday night. I love mindfuck movies.

It's like they're out to get me.

sexy, I didn't know she actually had that many.

not everybody, knows how to work my body.

when the NBA wasn't soft.

I'm stealing your McQueen heels, I tried them on in Vegas and was thankfully talked out of buying them.

not a fan of aquas but me likey this

"bitch, that's a mistake" -unforgivable

I just processed that Christmas is next week.

take out that top right square and we're golden.

Real music <--- get familiar.

hehe, except the fact that it's mean.

Banksy is a G

The Shining is scary as shit, I watched it for the first time a couple of years ago and was scared, so I can only imagine my reaction back in the dia.

not a fan. that's why they're off (o:3

you make it so hard to dislike you when you dress like that.

another reason to go to NY

don't worry, I don't.

I really do love swings. I think it's because my lanky-ness helps me out when it comes to em', plus I love jumping off.

the closest I'm getting to the WNBA

MSL can't wait.

perfect color, I hope it's blueberry and not some lavender crap or something. Yes I've tried lavender ice cream, no I don't like it even though it's aesthetically gorgeous.


...............................I have no words.


I don't really like coffee, and truth is I usually only drink it to watch this happen.

legit, fuck America. Homeland security get at me.

agreed, entirely.



can I has it?

How about just Miss.

bubble wrap calendar?!

for the road to riches, and diamond rings. Shine because they hate us....I could go on.onononon.

The Sims commercial that Jeremy Piven does just makes me like him even more.

away we go, only thing we have on is the radio ah, let it play......

                               keep it raw.reverse.