Closing Time.

Where is the weekend?!?!?!?

My methodical regimen is its own specimen,
take a hit of verbal kush I'd much more rather than-
buy a swish and split.
Exercise my mental wit,
intellectually run 8 miles, you know Jimmy that shit.

^^ was watching 8 mile earlier tonight, as you can tell haha.

this is fucking awesome, and probably the same/only thing I would do/find the new FB layout useful for.


great show.

I do, I do, I do-oooo.

 roflwaffles for breakfast.




can't do that shit, I've tried.

Johnny you're awesome!

I'm thoroughly attracted to that shirt, and I'm usually not a fan'a stripes.

 this is usually the case.


 rules that the trifecta lives by.


 I don't really know what I find so funny about this. hope it brings laughter as well.

 this was nickname in high school, and still is haha.

what a great color.


I've always wanted to write letter to someone special and use a wax seal. shit is official.romantic.crazysexycool. one day...

Pharrell's Miami place > LBJizz

Tron for Playboy

Iain C. these are great. I saw them a couple years ago, but appreciation never runs out.

 gotta write this paper.

keep it mellow.