Attention To Detail.

just plugging away at some work that I have due for tmrw. In all honesty I'm just waiting for these next two days to be fucking over so I can have a break from this place. MSL I cannot wait until you get home.

screw school.

 I'm watching intervention right now [when I should be studying glaciers] and shit is no joke....

Fuck living fast and dying pretty. I'm all set with that lifestyle, I don't glorify it, but I will never hesitate to tell you that you are enough. Despite what you may think.

Instead, give me some good food, good company and I'm golden.
Day 13 - Somewhere you’d like to move or visit.

I would like to visit Japan.China.Africa.

holy shit. I've never even gotten close to that fast.

hehe so cute.

what a great hoodie.

I know it's past halloween but this is craaaaazy good.

faceless watch?  a little out there, even for me. But I appreciate the creativity, no doubt.

CRKS I love this. Crooks & Castles X Good Wood.

 Just another reason why I cannot stand Queen James.
At least this one doesn't have a bowling alley or a fucking casino.

Cool Kids!!!!!!

cool books.

Seth, thank you for finding these, fucking awesome, they are.



.......true that.


 I need this.

 I don't like making waves. So I'll keep my distance, but it hurts every time people ask me how you are and I have nothing to say.

 this is what I do at work:
1) frost cakes (o:3 <--- one of my favorite activities.

2) make waffle cones.

let someone, please.

parent motto <---- iKid.

I'm taping this over my speedometer tmrw.

 What do I want for Christmas?
- Peach Iced Tea
- BLTs
- Bubble Tea
- Snowball fight
- A raise
- Macaroni and Cheese, enough for about a two week span

- To see you before 2011.
- A fresh start.

keep it  warm.