Psychosomatic Addict Insane.

Sup Bromeo?

Day 12 - Bullet your whole day.
- Press snooze.
- Again.
- Realize there's only 25 mins. until class.
- Sleep for 5 more minutes.
- Morning stuffs.
- Take stairs two at a time.
- Question whether class was worth a G and some change per class.
- Grab some grub.
- Eat.
- Fall asleep to Gilmore Girls.
- Wake up from nap.
- Eat.
- Think about stuff due the next day.
- Deliberately procrastinate until last possible hour.
- Start work.
- Snack.
- Night stuffs.
- Set alarm, earlier than day before.
- Think about not thinking until sleep onsets.

I used to have one of these, until my Dad said it woke him up at night, he put them in a drawer and never gave them back.

I saw this yesterday and nearly thought I was becoming a schizophrenic when I came back.
Black Swan. holy fuck my mind has been blown.

this is awesome

People say they have no idea how to read me, that I don't let much show. Some say I'm too blunt because I tell it how I see it. I don't intentionally burn bridges, never have, never will. I exhaust all resources of kindness until I see no reciprocation, but once that stage it set, good luck yo.

No Shia LaBeoufWTF

haha oh yew soh clehvah

WHOA these are awesome! Not really a fan of shell toes, or things that look like shell toes. I think I was nearly the only kid from the 90s that did not.will own a pair of them.


The Dunk turned 25 this year. The new line drops December 18th

I don't think I have enough lighter fluid to burn all these.

err apparently they're coming out with underwear that has no crotch. So...crotchless panties...for men.

Bert S. nice 3-D art man.

I can take notes on how to get a job on this bad boy.
Bulletproof clipboard. okay so they're for law enforcement....psh

holy shit.

Done with classes for ze semester, what's good liquid courage? You've been away too long.

                  keep it raw.