I Just Wanna Let It Go For Tonight.

just saying what up. loving the Entourage marathon right now.

Day 11 - Put your ipod on shuffle and write 10 songs that pop up.
Go- Common ft. Kanye West
Electric Feel- MGMT
Be Ok - Chrisette Michele ft. Will.i.am
Drama Setter- Yayo ft. Eminem
Stand By Me- Marvin Gaye
Crown Royal- Jill Scott
Am to Pm- Christina Millian
Human Beat Box- Doug E. Fresh ft. Slick Rick
Do Ya Thing- Ice Cube
Aerodynamic- Daft Punk
Ghost!- Kid Cudi

this exists?!?!

my mind is overwhelmed by the cuteness!


I tried this last weekend with my mom at Taco Bell, not bad, not bad.

Thank you John. Not to worry, your music lives on.


Matt Lanter, please come to my house.car.room.

I'm gunna be one of those arrogant assholes who claims their city is the best.

rofl copter.

tell me about it, I just went to Taco Bell -__-

 speaking of things that aren't what they seem, suck on that vegans. sue me.

 Right Column, second one down yo. if only I knew where my belt was.

 it's like everything I do to get back to normal, I can't. My mind won't shut off when I tell it to.

remember this game?!?!?!?

surprisingly, I knew most of these, the wasabi one however, I did not. 

Yeezy taught me....to want one of these bad boys.

Bobby, I can dig it.


best one I've seen thus far.

I ain't denying it.

I wish I could replace everyone's boxes with these

yes, yes you can.

I wish I had this shirt, but on a side note this guy graduated from my school a year before I got here.

yeah you know word of mouth

cool concept.

MTO you're a boss.


I have fifteen bills for one of these. Shot glasses made out of recycled blown glass.

google has a new phone. 

I mean if I were gunna use an ax, I'd want it to be this one, wouldn't you?

gotta go study for my Spanish final.