Extra Bright I Want Y'all You To See This.

The end.
Insane flame, the love once lit.
Now nothing left, but shallow hearts and a cigarette.
Emptiness surrounds me, or is it inside?
I try to hide, but grief gets multiplied.
Two people once parallel, now tangent.
I gave you everything, only to have to temporarily romance it.
The beginning.

Not really sure where the hell I was going with that, honestly it was just a quick thought that ran through my head during class so I jotted it down. Idk what it is but sometimes things come out really smoothly <---- not often though haha. But when it comes to saying what I feel at a particular moment, I can't get the fucking words out, either that or I say shit that is by no means close to what I would have said given thirty seconds to think it over.

Verbal vomit, it taunts the word comet, mental notes that run smooth, come out all distraughted.

Heh-nyways. I haven't really been up to much lately, just focusing on these last couple of weeks of school, so I can finally relax (not that I've been doing much school work anyway). I'm not sure if it's just me, but the end of this year has happened in an instant. It feels like two weeks ago I was moving into my jail-cell of a room, making terrible choices, then compounding those choices with similar ones, saying bittersweet goodbyes, and making new friends. It's crazy to me that the new year is less than a month away.

To all ze readers.creepers.stalkers? <-- not that I have any ::checks shoulder::.friends.family.randompeople.passerby-ers. thank you.

And to the son of a mother lover, who lives upstairs, keep playing your bass that loud, and you're gunna find some wet speakers I guarantee it - Meineke style.

I know this is random, but personable doesn't mean what we all think/ use the word for. It actually means attractive. No I'm not trying to give a grammar lesson, if you think so, please, kindly gtfo. My uncle told me this a few years ago, and I thought I'd pass along the message.

MelyMelyMely. (o:3 thank you "creeping" feel free to anytime haha. Miss hanging out with you

Day 10 - Discuss your first love and first kiss.
Damn getting right to the good stuff I see.

First kiss-  with my first "boyfriend", he was my friend for years before that, and although we don't really talk anymore, there's never a dull moment. He's the "life of the party", and a really sweet kid. I remember everything about it. I was wearing this god awful jean jacket, my hair probably had enough gel in it to withstand a small tornado, and I sprayed about a third of a bottle of Dream body mist from Gap on. We were watching Out of Time, and it was short and sweet, and pretty romantic for seventh grade.

First love- I think that fact that I had to take a minute to just stop all the thoughts that were rushing through my head just now says it all.

enough about me, Enjoy, while I watch terribad tv!

trust me, it makes people's jobs a lot easier heheserious.

I like ruffles, occasionally haha.

I know about half of these? guess I need to be more of a hipster.

 I'm more attracted to that fedora. sue me.

I know this is really weird, but I've ALWAYS wanted to do this. When I was a kid I could fit, but I think I'm gunna go to a laundry mat and see if I can fit inside still.


everything about this photo is marvelous. Leather jacket, great tee.

I wish I was her for halloween.

but "you can't always get what you want..." I actually like that song now that I think of it.

the validity of this statement.....well it depends on the guy, but for the most part this applies.


hahaha only my twin knows how much this applies. MSL this ones for you.

 hehe, silly women.

 If I could find a picture to sum up the title of this blog it'd be this one.

I fucking hated this game when I was younger. That shit used to scare me.

where's my issue?!

for some reason I really like the concept of these sunglasses. I'd like to have a pair but they prolly cost a bundle and a half.

Akomplice I like your line of clothing.

Pacman nails?!?!

Christmas is coming! <--- so? idk what it is about Christmas that I don't like, but yeah not too fond.

I like this high-tech wreathe though

LED um-brrr- GUCCI- ella.

I would like these magnets for my fridge please, can I has demz?

what a great office chair, this will be brought to my future place of work.
okay I lied, it costs 600.00

blow up sofa! too bad some drunk bitch will probably puncture it with her heel, and by some drunk bitch I mean sober me clumsily eating a steak with a sharp knife.

this is great art.

Mark chill out with the constant changes, cuz I can't.won't.don'twanna. keep up.


yes to this photo.

keep it going.