When The Lights Don't Glow The Same Way That They Used To.

How do you do?

two of my favorite artists. that list is quite long, but not to worry it's getting shorter.

no thanks. I've never had a Christmas tree, why start now?


seriously, I wonder.

just walked outside to get something for my Mom, and nearly became frozable.

 I fucking love fruit, these look amazing.

haha and I don't even like Rugrats.

 remember this? cuz I sure as hell do.

this reminds me of The Walking Dead TV show, which is awesome btw.

this picture makes me smile, I'm weird, I know this.

great t-shirt design.

teehee melted snowman cookies! they're so cute.

Apparently on Jan. 9th people will be riding the subway in NYC with no pants on....who knew?

for all you Beatles fans.

these books were amazing!!! I loved when my Dad used to read these to me.

idk what it is about this shirt, but I would really like it to be a part of my wardrobe. 

nice bum whea' ya frum?

this movie used to make me petrified of falling asleep.

haha the truth of this, if you only knew.

I hope these exist, because I want them, badly.

 fancy seeing you again.

 honestly when people get mad over nothing, tell em to CLAM DOWN. haha

if only math was this easy.

 cool cake bro

if I hear this song one more time.... it was great in the beginning, but now....not so much that one.

if you don't know what dubstep is. here ya go:

take me here, preferably now, but at some point in time will do.

marry me.

Qrapping paper, when I first read it I read "Crapping" paper. haha apparently it has gift "videos" online once scanned, p0rn?

all I want are these.

this book is ill.

Interview: Paul Labonté and/or Paul 107 from The Secondhand Projects on Vimeo.

Day 09 - How you hope your future will be like.
I would just like it to be shared with those that I love. And that is all.


                    keep it raw.