Fade Into The Black.

I feel like I am.

I just wanna bang through these last two weeks and finally start a few things that have been on my mind for a while now.

For instance, learn how to use flash

thanks for dinner Mom.

A friend was kind enough to go through the trouble of making me this!!!
it's fucking awesome and is now on my phone.
thank you so much.

thank you Bossman for the shirt.
I plan on wearing this to as many places as possible.

Everyone's changing their picture on FB to a cartoon.
Space Jam alllllll day.

 Hennessy X Kid Sister X Fafi ?!?! This is unreal.

For all of you who haven't heard this yet

I love cats, plus this description had to be shared with you all.

"I took this in the middle of the night on Ed and Frans balcony," says Flickr user Crazy Ivory. "I loved both of the cats, but they were incredibly suicidal all the time. They actually fought and chased each other on this railing, and as you can see its pretty damn fucking high. My heart always skipped a beat when I saw them doing this, but Ed told me its OK. loco gatos potones!"

I've actually tried bacon chocolate once. It was quite strange, but I'm glad I tried it none the less.

 Lego syringes? startin' em off young huh?

Jorge G. you are amazing. I don't think that I'd ever be able to have the patience for that.

whoa this is crazy steep.

what a cool cabinet, not really sure about how one would exactly use said cabinet....
it costs 62K <--- HA! how about I take a few cabinets from IKEA and just nail them together at odd angles.

gingerbread Fenway! hehe I'm not really a fan of gingerbread cookies/stuff but this is pretty neat-o

Autobots, roll out.

Toast artist, Nathan W. apparently paints on pieces of toast with jelly and marmite.

perhaps I'd eat the toast from up there^^ minus the jam/weird stuff add butter, with some tea on this bad boy.

the tea has to be prepared in one of these though <--- so cool!

I didn't have to go through one of these, but people can't stop talking about how invasive they are. Which I agree with. Wear these next time you go through security (o:3

Heather Lara I like these paintings.

 hahaha LBJ hate-apparel.

National Geographic Contest!!

Kate MacD. I commend you, I don't have enough man-hats to take off for you.

awesomeness X 218937108.

Nike X fragment. These have made me smitten, not only am I a fan of violet, but I love things that are different and these are different on each foot!

Maybe if I tell my parents that I want a book for Christmas, they'll get it for me.
Spike Lee : Do The Right Thing.

this is fucking amazing.

 I guess all I need is an iTampon and I can become a DJ

BRUCE LEE!!!!!!!!!!

Day 087.5 - A moment you felt the most satisfied with your life.

 The moment I got my diploma from Belmont High School. It was a huge milestone, and I was more proud of myself than I had been in my life.

And to the person who took my phone, monies, and bottle opener, may they bring you joy? Idk... at least you gave back the other stuff, you could've given me the sticker that was on the phone though, damn. But thank you, sorta.

keep it raw.