What It Is.

What it do?

fucking hilarious

I need this sticker.

I ask! sometimes while laughing, but I ask (o:3


oh hey hottie.

cool.....?but wtf is a rally's?

shouts to Lee, you're a G for using these.

nun-chucks!!! from lee beard on Vimeo.

it was funnier the first time I heard it, and always will be. replace woman with bitch.

 mwahaha kirby is my favorite. I hate when people call my kirby, or kribbee though.

last weekend.

we stayed at Planet Hollywood: TARZAN room!

there was a guy with a baby strapped to his belly outside with a fake beard, sunglasses, and a satchel. If he wasn't charging money to take pictures with him there'd be one of him right now.

such a healthy breakfast.

 thanks to our wonderful cousin we got last minute tickets to see Penn & Teller (:

NYC in NV who knew?

mad lions at MGM

we went to the Coke store and tried 16 different products, one I kid you not tasted like cough medicine.

these looked so good.

best dinner ever.

I can't believe they had a store there!


 my cousin is super sweet.

I couldn't help myself....I know retarded.

gunna eat my breakfast and head to work.