I LOVE WRAPPING RECTANGULAR OBJECTS. I don't care how that sounds.
crisp edges, straight lines, my ocd comes alive during Christmas time.

Day 18 - Your beliefs.

- family first. and I don't care how cheesy that sounds.
- respect.
- moderation is key.
- be your own person, and the rest will follow.
- carpe noctem.
- black looks good on everyone. (o:3

forced the shit outta that....but can I borrow a couple of those?

DAMN. this is some Aries Spears type shit. nice freestyle too. Weezy and Drake are on point.

And it's on sale! When I win the lottery this will be mine.

I miss payphones, and checking them for change as a kid. I miss taking public transportation. Then of course once I do take the T I instantly hate it again, and am reminded of the many years of terribad experiences.

I wish these were in my possession.

I love minimalist concepts. 


dude if the statue was like that, it'd be a lot cooler.

where can I buy this stuff?!?!? and does it come in violet?

oh this is your bed too?

haha I do this all the time now, it's great.



the things I would do.

this would have made me more willing to read his stuff, high school teachers take notice.



J. Franco


when I can't think of the right name to shout while angry, this usually ensues.

whenever I see anything along the lines of this I think of De La Soul.

tmrw night.

haha if this was in black I'd buy it.

Bentley, please take note of Germany, fun, fast, efficient. 

Got Wood?

Medicom X Mickey Mouse [Roen]!

I'm buying this for my future home. My mind has been blown with this concept.

great concept, but that fortune is lamelame.lame.

Nike SB January.
what the fuck is this shit....

Mids and I mean that in more ways than one.
Air Royals, I do however, dig the retro feel.

keep it raw.