And To All A Good Night.

Merry Christmas everyone! Sorry for the late post!

I hope all of you have spent time with your families and please don't use this time of year as an excuse, spend time with them all year, any day can be Christmas to them!

I love how it's taken me nearly two months to do this...
Day 19 - Disrespecting your parents.
Just do it. Don't, shit gets ugly, not to mention it's not right.

I've never worn lipstick in my life...well except for when I was a kid for playplay. luckily I asked to borrow my cousins for xmas spirit. I look like a clown <-- reason why I never wear it.

they're so cute! I wonder where they sell those 

did someone say Boss Christmas Dinner?




 that's about it for the Christmas stuff.... on a side note, I got some great footage of this years Christmas, once I get around to editing it I'll show you how ridiculous my family is.

Currently watching the Heat ruin Kobe's Christmas.


great shirt, great actress, overall great.

 if these came in black or violet I'd be down.

I didn't buy these nor do I want them, but good looks to all who got them, and to those who didn't I hope you do!
Cool Gray Elevens.

hahah, although that's mean..

I really like that color, that and matte black <--- which I still need to find, note to self.

I remember when I listened to this on iTunes fo $free.99

this would be a bomb ass kitchen, if only it weren't pink...perhaps black or really nice gray.
I love kitchens! I can't wait to design my own house and of course my own kitchen.

when this comes out I'm seeing it, who's down?
[please ignore the fact that they chose to cast Dwayne, I know I am]

story of my life...either mute or X out of everything. Usually the second one.

let's make one. totally kidding.

 this shirt would do wonders for my large shirt collection. [it's a large shirt collection because cool shirts are usually made for mans, and as much as I act like one I'm not as big as one]

I remember when I first went to New York, and my cousins and I only wanted to go here, and no where else. Ha, oh how times have changed...

Kitty! I have an Aunt Kitty, not an Ant, well her real name is Susan...not really sure where the Kitty comes from but she's awesome.

haha the expression in this is priceless.

I cannot wait for this movie to come out.

I want this hanging on my wall...immediately. 


usually stuff like this would appeal to me, but for some reason not this one.
I think it's because the blood looks fake.

seriously, because I just heard swag used as a verb in a commercial.

Andrew Z. these are great


another favorite

haha I used to do stuff like this in math.

you don't have to the be the fastest right?

such an awesome car.

this is so clever and geeky and I love it.

 iHad 2.

 haha I remember this episode, I miss the old Simpsons.

 luckily I was cleaning my room the other day and found a bunch of useful things.
- Virtual Springfield.
- my MetroRock membership card.
- ice cream flavor signs I was working on...
- who needs presents when I just find stuff I already own!


I'll take the R8 any day, but in black, thxkbye.

this reminds me, I'd like to live in a house with really high ceilings, but only for the summer months...heat is expensive.

yew show clevah.



I never thought of that...


needneedneed.need. which only compounds the need of me needing to buy a technic. which I will be doing in the next few days... I'll keep you guys posted with the whole DJ thing.


this has now been added to the list of reasons why I need to buy a DSLR.

 hahah TRUTH.

well that's all she wrote.

keep it merry.merry.merry.