Turn Of The Decade.

I know everyone usually says that they need to make a New Years resolution list because they need to "work on themselves" and they need to turn over a new leaf. My philosophy is that there's no need to wait until the last possible day, to start a new, if you want to change something, fucking do it is all. (o:3 
Self-reflection throughout the year is healthy.

Spend tonight with those that you love and care about.

So I was looking through this and its entirety a few nights ago, and I kind of surprised myself.
I have been going hard at this for about three years now, which is kind of insane considering I never stick with things for long because I get bored easily. I watched my style develop over the years (not much don't worry). I realized that I opened up a lot about myself and about the shit that happens in my life. The amount of swearing has pretty much remained at a constant plateau, some peaking and some down-sloping sometimes. The thing that amazed me the most was that out of the 500+ posts that I have [not that thousands of post shit that tumblr people have (o:3, yes I have a tumblr, but I import the posts from here, and they usually don't fit the entire thing, if someone could help me fix that, that'd be great, now I'm rambling..] I'm sure you forgot how this sentence started, I know I did ::re-reads:: Out of the many posts I have only about five titles have been repeated! And I don't care if you don't find that interesting, I do. So that's mostly it.

Thank you's go out to those who have been here from the beginning, and futuristic ones for those who will start soon.

*** THIS IS THE FUCKING SEVENTH TIME THAT I'M FUCKING WRITING THIS I HATE THIS PIECE OF SHIT COMPUTER *** sorry for the rant. and for the fact that this post text is abnormally small. -______- phail whale

I need this shirt in my life stat.pronto.nowza.asap

hahahah. something I would do.

Creep Street Holiday Lookbook! I really like this brand and I wish that I had more shirts to add to my selection of graphic tees. I have one so far!

Billionaire Boys Club & Ice Cream for the Spring!

Alex T. I really like this concept of these, despite the fact that they look like Fat Albert sat on them (o:3 [side note: they're made of ceramic!]

nice vantage point.

 the making of bonbons!!! I love shows that show how things are made! Unwrapped, the part when Mister Rogers would go to factories, How Things Are Made.

 this reminds me of Xena's shockrem, aka my halloween costume accessory when I was twelve.

 Juice Box Camera!!! so cute, all my kiddies will have one.

continue to stay positive.

Andrew you're awesome for this. He came up with the idea of using a knitting machine to imprint his own self portrait onto hats, plus not to mention they look warm.

 Not that I want to ever have to use one of these, but let's face it aging is inevitable, and if I'm going to have to use one it might as well be this one. 
It comes equipped with thooper cool LEDs and a stun gun on the bottom packed with a MILLION *check it* MILLION volts of electricity yo. Don't fuck with Gma.

such a sad time. They announced that they're splitting up! sadface.

Kanye West samples, here's one for example.

Kobe not gunna lie I kinda like these.
Uh huh you know what it is.

I like to pretend like I'm playing basketball when I throw things out, so don't be surprised if you see me juking an invisible defender or pump faking on my way to the trash can, that and shouting KOBE&
by no means does that entail that I like Kobe, just throwin' that out dair.

 Audi Quattro concept, me likey veryveryvery.much.much, I even like the white...::gasp::

remember Anamorph books? well this is kinda like that except not really at all.
Anamorph furniture for big kids.

Nearsyx you are a genius. Makes me want to start sketching again.

Breitling this watch is boss, and I don't use boss as an adjective very often. [never]

I don't really like iPhone stuff, but this wallet seems to be pretty handy, despite the fact that it costs ninety-five duh-lor-ace.

With that said the trifecta is getting ready to partake in New Year's events (o:3
Happy Two-Thousand and Eleven everyone, hope you enjoy the turn of the decade, and many more to come!

keep it new.