"The Way We Were."

May have been great, but that doesn't mean the way we are or will be won't be better.

I hope everyone's new year is off to a promising start, and that if you're reading this you're not still hungover haha.

twifecta does New Years!

I'm pretty sure this is gunna happen to my Mom's vehicle if she keeps driving it, no lie.

add: mango, kiwi, raspberry, blackberry, lychee, long-an, fuji apple, concord grapes
subtract: green grapes, cantaloser

Day 20 - How important you think education is.
I think that it's extremely important, but do not confuse education with school. My concept of education is the sharing of ideas, and I don't necessarily believe that the most "educated" are products of an Ivy.

Do you guys wanna start winning or...

Stu's Birthday celebration!

you'd think after being alive for nineteen years my own family would learn how to spell my name correctly...nope. Come on Aunt Mary, bringin' me down.

really though?
ayo KIM-bee. fml.

I cannot wait until the second part comes out, not even gunna deny that I'm a HP fan.

what's good.

msl + syk this ones for you.

These are coming out on the Twenty-Second! I think it's safe to say that these are one of most popular pairs ever made when it comes to IIIs. I like the black ones better, but that's just me I guess. Any who, they're a general release, if you're unfamiliar with that term, it just means everyone and their mother will have access to a pair, thus all the wittle hipsters and "sneakerheads" can stop whinning for a raise in allowance.
Jordan White Cement III's Retail : a buck fifty.

lmfao, legit.

I know the concept of this show is pretty depressing, but I still thoroughly enjoy watching it.

I remember when I had "Indian Red", fuck you Crayola.

This shirt needs to be on my torso at some point soon.



 blood by sun light. I listen the shit outta this song.


this was one of my favorite books a kid.

"my biggest regret in life is that I'll never have a dog" - Marcel the Shell.


my kids are wearing these after bath time!!

this weekend.

 many languages.

me likey!

Colibri stiletto lighter <--- sexy. I wish I had a grill, I'd light it with this bad boy.

I've always wanted to take boxing classes, I think it'd be a great stress reliever.
M. Ali collection for Everlast aka afuckin.mazin'

Fuck all that shit, give me some gin!!!
Bulldog gin, made in London.

Hermes watch. errrr if it costs fifteen grand that shit better be able to wake me up in the morning and make me breakfast...shiet.

brownpaperbag. When I have a real job, I'm gunna bring my lunch in this thing. 
Artifact lunch bag. 26.00

Point 3 bball gear. For all you serious street ballers, this make it rain attire comes prepped with a hood that gives you great peripheral coverage, as well as elbow pleats for when you're draining em'.

I remember when I had to use one of these to type a paper once.....and I wouldn't mind having one in my house when I get older.

The Word Lens app translates whatever you see in real time into any of the languages it offers, that's pretty nifty, not to mention it would have come in handy when my cousins and I were in Spain.

holy shit. I need to do this once in my life.
Northern Brewer Starter Kit for eighty bills.
"includes most of the tools you need to get started, including two six-gallon buckets — one for fermenting, one for bottling — a fermentation lock, tubing, a bottle filler, brush, and capper, 144 bottle caps, a hydrometer, sanitizer, instructions, and a tutorial DVD."

dude, portable fireplace!!! this is freaken awesome, not to mention it would definitely come in handy during these frigid winter months.

now you can flip stuff in your wok like the Iron Chefs <--- favorite show.

what a great way to be invited to a wedding!

speaking of weddings.... a friend of mine got married on Tuesday!
photos courtesy of my fotogenius Hannah Cohen. <--- check her out!!!!


not to worry she got him back.

the amazing photographer herself.

David Walker these are fucking amazing. 

I've showed you some of Julien's work before here's some more light calligraphy!

Chema Madoz I really like the surrealism, please continue to astound us.

keep it newnew.