Tissues & Tea.

sorry for slacking. I've been sick, yet again, and thus had no energy to do so. I feel somewhat better but not well enough to join everyone else out tonight. sadfaces all around.
I will not let anything stop me from Friday Night Lights [tmrw night].


My cousin draws for The Simpons.Family Guy.King of The Hill. and now...Bob's Burgers (o:3

Wes you're the man, congratulations!!!!!!!!

I've always wanted to do this! Well I guess I'll only be able to do this with French shampagnee [champagne] from now on!

This is with a French bottle.

This is with an American bottle.

Apparently it's snowing again tmrw. -_- <--- my facial expression exactly. If only I had skis, rope, a Range Rover, and oh yeah balls to do this, I'd be in luck.

Michael Caine you're the man, I cannot wait for the next Batman movie (o:3

If a tree falls in the woods....

Apparently dude is his uncle, but this is some good ass parenting. This is for all you E-Thugs.

This shirt rules! if you're reading this and you haven't a clue what the shirt is about, please uninstall life. Kidding, sorta.

can't believe you haven't seen this movie.

I got my shoes in ze mail today! The best $7.88 I've ever spent.
I swear this is how UPS actually operates though, because apparently if I didn't answer the door today they were getting sent back -_- who knew?

This has been viral for quite some time, but for those who haven't seen it quite yet.
Pink wig thick ass give em' whip lash.

I can't wait to have wars like these with my significant other.

I came across this site today which allows users the chance to create an account and say what you think of the person, but the catch is you only have three words. The thing that really caught my eye was the fact that this site was made by a nineteen year old from Bentley, Mark Bao props.

hahahah. Not that I condone or support said acts. 

seems legit...kids just put this blindfold on first....

Allison your sleeve suits you so well (o:3

It's always darkest before dawn.

 I just bought this, and couldn't be happier. Size SMALL (o:3!

that's why it tastes so good.....

I haven't laughed this hard in a while. heheh so clevah

when I was in grade school <--- whoa, not only is that the first time I've said that...ever, but I just felt old for about three seconds. anyways this was thee only cereal I would eat growing up. Cheerios? fuhgehtahboutit.

 oh, and I used to grow my own pets, because my parents forbade me from having them. I had fish though!

when I have my own store, this is will surely be constantly screened onto the door.

I would really like these hoodies to be available in Boston. fuck a NY.LA.SF

 Tyler Durden. Brad Pitt. Do me.

Welcome Two-Thousand and Eleven.


So you guys remember those high tech super expensive swimsuits that were banned from future Olympics?  Well Speedo has decided to use the material and turn them into cool swim pieces suitable for the beach.


this is fucking awesome! Artists come to Boston!!!! We have plenty of cool streets that need to be blessed with your work, okay so our streets may be ridiculously confusing, but that can be overlooked right?...right?!

if I had monies for a yacht it'd be this one, shit takes the cake....easy.
Strand Craft 166

Solar powered phone charger!  ingenious idea, not sure how much it costs though.

C. Laro this idea is fantabulous. They're stools that are springs! and they're made of wood! I like the bench prototype. 

Wall St. Bull by Olek!

California Spring Collection by Vans !
I wear my "boat shoes" all the time when I don't feel like walking like a penguin, or avoiding spills <--- usually caused by myself, so I wouldn't mind investing in another pair. If anyone on this planet knows where I can get another pair of LX black velvet Vans please tell me, because I'd kill a small family for another pair, these suede ones just aren't the same.

Largest cave in ze world! [located in Vietnam] 

Motorola XOOM. what is with the consumer market and tablets? 

Honestly I think JB should chillax with the whole re-retroing of stuff, but that's just me. Yes I know I've already mentioned this a trillzillion times, sue me.

 Ralph Lauren's garage anyone? I stayed next to him when I went to Jamaica, thank you again beans, that trip was unreal.

Doppler by Vestal aka what I would like to be on my wrist when I look for the time.

 speaking of cool watches...

I kinda like these for some reason. weird I know.

taken by Romain and Yves.

before you fuck with little skateboard P.
well this board is made out of Porcelain, and will run you about twenty-five large.

whoa, this thing is tiny. That's what she said.
Casio | Tryx

ts(s) you are literally taking blue suede shoes to a whole nother motherfucking level, and I love it. Attention all men, please sport a pair of these sometime.somewhere.somehow soon.


Lanvin these are gorgeous, not to mention the white tip has grown on me.

psh please. I wouldn't risk my shit all the time either. Banksy I love your work please continue to employ minions.

International Consumer Electronics Show. My cousin is lucky enough to be flown out there every year, she's staying at Caesars at the moment, while I fume in jealousy haha anyways, Nike released a collab piece with TomTom.

Prada[h] this one is for you.
Prada has recently allowed customers to customize their luggage with lettering, I'll stick to my delsey.

 while you guys are wheeling around at Logan, I'll be sitting on my suitcase and using it as a scooter.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc. this phone is in beastmode.

I'm in the process of buying this for my book collection/coffee table.
meatlover. get your mind outta there. steak.pork.chicken.fish.you name it I'm eating it. [within reason]

I wish someone bought me this for my birthday/christmas/fun.
I love everything and anything Bodum.

I don't think I've ever been turned on to cleaning appliances more in my life.

why was I not informed that this existed sooner?!.....It's a popsicle maker that freezes anything your heart desires in about siete minutos, and digg this no electricity needed. Eat your heart out quakers.

I'm not a pro yo-yo-er but I would like to give this a spin or two.
Hitman fiddy bills.

iRobot Scooba! Now it washes your floors for you, best believe I'm investing in one of these.

where.when.how can I buy this?

 KFC x Lupe?

Starfucks please stick to 1992.

 for those who don't know a thing or two about bikes, myself included.

I know a few people who should be wearing one of these at all times.

is a gamble.

Adam L. your girlfriend is a very lucky woman.

too many people sleep on him.

Day 14 - Your earliest memory.

 Falling off my parents bed after being told probably six times to stop jumping because I was gunna fall off. haha

keep it clean. cuz I'm not tryna get sick again.
no lie.