What's The Cost

Is the access excess, to flirt with your past twist?
And is, ex sex the best sex,
when you're climaxing on axis?
Is it a, balance or a science, with compliance with what's next?
Or is the, ex sex success? With correct text to a future?
Because if the clothes come off naturally, how do you know what best suits ya?
It's the cost.

haha white version of the Dutty Wine. You're not really married are you? <--- really though...

Haven't been in the mood to write anything or find anything creative, but with this snow, I figured I better get back to my first kid [this site], seeing as I've been an out of sight parent for about a week?
I'm in back to school mode, or at least I'm trying to be. Haven't even finished the first week, and I'm already looking for the exit. Not the exit out of being here, just the exit out of this weather, and classes.
For those who are in school, more power to you for sticking it through, those that have finished, I congratulate you, and those who have stopped for whatever reason, I wish you the best (o:3


this is who I want to be when I grow up!!

Kibisi <--- cool name, neat spoon-y thing. It just hangs there! I always have trouble putting the spoon/fork on the stove, so I usually just rest it on the pot itself, but this looks a lot cooler!


 This reminds of how badly I want a donut right now, watching all of this tennis [Australian Open] makes me want to try to get as morbidly obese as possible before I start running...again.

Rain shirt from Outlier, it's pretty self explanatory, doesn't mean it's any less fucking amazing. I plan on buying one of these for "April showers".

heart.sodium. this salt shaker is ill nasty, I should get it for my Dad as a reminder.

 let's live here just you and me, white wine, good weed, love and music is all we need.

real life pikachu...? the fuck?

come to the dark side, we have iced cream! (o:3

this looks fucking kickass, I'd love to play a round? or two? do you call it a round? or a string?

can't stand weather the storm? buy this heated jacket by Columbia, and you won't have to worry about being cold seeing as it has a built in heater, powered by batteries. If you have nine hundo.

 I never believe the weather people, Nor'easter my ass.

siiiick. yes all of those i's were necessary.

I'm down to buy a pack of these for my future abode, who's with me?!


 I loved pop-up books as a kid! so it's only fitting.

I went to the market today, and was reminded bombarded with the idea that Valentine's Day is coming up.

not really a fan, I think it's a force, but that's just me.
Motorola Atrix 4G

boomerang chair! doesn't really look too comfy, despite the cool factor.

I plan on buying this book soon.

haha this one too, just kidding that'd be mean... ::looks around::

I knew when I picked this as my project in Neurobiology I would forever be interested in this stuff. It makes me question what I'm doing at a business school all the time.

all I want for Christmas this year.

Ferrari '12, and digg this, it has backseats! 

Stelton Pure Black Knives, you guys had my at Black. 

I wouldn't hesitate to buy these if it weren't for the toe box. what a buzzkill

Vintage Pack, not sure how I feel just yet.

I hope you guys bought a pair if you wanted them ! (o:3 it's weird, I only like the True Blue and the BRed IIIs but these look pretty damn sexy.


Exit Through The Gift Shop was fanfuckingtastic.

err...no thanks. kitsch <--- school taught me something.
Richard P.

I fucking love Futura, I got to meet him in person a few years back, but of course I didn't have anyone with me to take my picture, nor did I have a phone with battery life.

for those who love these just as much as I do.

apparently Watermelon Rolls from Friendly's are disgusting according to my cousin Austin, then again he thinks a lot of things are gross.

if costs as much as a can of the stuff I'll buy it!

I miss you guys!
Daft Punk TRON by Kubrick

Givenchy [it's fashion week in Paris]

I'd like the White one please <---- first and last.lastlast.

Affinity Chair.



so cute PBS responded to him!!!!

Replace that bottle with gin and you have found the perfect present !

I wasn't really a fan of Metal Gear Solid as a kid but this is incredible.

helllll yeah I do.


it should be.

fun fact, my senior prom dress was a wedding gown that I cut (o:3 the back looked like this actually.

I miss food from home.

and I also tend to make odd faces...sue me.

me need this glass.



I do this a lot.

I'm dying to wear these out, sad face.


keep it raw.