You Say My Name Like Words That I Made Up.

Our love is like a Psycho or a trilogy the drama is killing me
I'm grown but the little boy is still in me
We discuss monogamy polygamy the I's the probability
Your momma ain't feeling me it stung like a killer bee.

Til your love runneth over yo I need a cup..
Everyday since we first met.
Can't even eat a bit.
I can't seem to think straight.
When I think about how you love me...
Everyday is like a holiday,
something like Christmas Eve..
My worst day is carefree,
when I think about how you love me.

Haven't really been in the mood - hence ze long absence. Mostly due to the absurd amounts of snow, and lack of classes to go to, thus I've been living like a true college student, drinking on weekdays and such, not to worry these events will probably cease to reoccur and you guys will be stuck with more ramblings from me than you could have ever imagined.

I ordered my dress a few weeks ago, waiting for it to pass American Jr. customs, sadface.

I don't understand why sometimes I find it hard to say those words to you, I've said them before... Maybe it's what happened last time, that has left what's next in store. I can't seem to ignore, or test, the perfect mediation, equation, pronunciation, of my hearts affiliation. Affiliated or mitigated, our love's past tense. Is it really history or suspense? Si estamos hablando en el futuro, is it really love... ¿estás seguro?. If we try again will you be there to catch me fall? Last time I couldn't stand to bear it all, hated when you called, couldn't live at all. Helpless without you, taught me to be a stronger person. Sink or swim, hit or miss, what's the diff-erence. I guess there's nothing left to inference about the past tense, it's in the past left, it there. Just promise you'll always be there.


this is great, no explanation necessary.

I need a new scarf, and this one is lookin' like ze winnar!

I've always wanted an umbrella that had a window to look out of!


what a great calendar line up. Tina you're a G.

Gong Hei Fat Choy. I'm Chinese and proud.
year of the rabbit.

I can't wait to get a Mac, just so I can put this sticker on it. Legit, the only real reason for having such a contraption.

 I thoroughly enjoy all of these photos.

Dinner plate landscapes <--- you had me at dinner Alex.



this freaks me out, but at the same time, it really makes me wanna put my hair in a bun... good work.

go away Kobe.

Boxter...Black edition? 

holy fuck they have jetpack for sale... too bad I don't had a hundred thou.

JB wtf is this bullshit? I get the fact that it's a new decade but really dough?


 tell me

 tee hee!

 I feel weird saying that I actually like a pair of Doc's.

 I went to Amsterdam, and got a par of wooden clogs, but these shoes are legit.
They're actually made of leather I believe, but made to look like wood, I want a pair.

to the gentleman who insists on playing his bass all the way up at the hours of five in the morning, 8 in the morning, 2 in the afternoon, 7 at night, and pretty much every other hour, keep doing that, you won't be able to breathe for weeks.
Cire Trudon doesn't just make candles buddy boy.

Fuck roses for V-Day, any man that get's someone this is golden in my book. 
Fujifilm FinePix X100


haha he's applying for a job at American Apparel

keep it raw.