Monday, Monday.

Just another day honestly. Therefore I have no expectations. I'm also running out of reasons to give a shit anymore, legit.

For those that know me, know I'm not really a huge fan of Valentines.Single Awareness. Day. primarily for the fact that I don't believe there needs to be a day dedicated to actually showing why not whenever you feel it. Whether that's at 3 am on a Wednesday in the middle of July, or at noon on a Sunday in October. Yes flowers are nice, but they can also be bought on the other three-hundred and sixty-four days as well. Just sayin...

hehe, even I don't dislike it that much.

take me back here please, I need a vacation.

Wanted...the grammy's...Wanted. haha
---the fuck is that?

---the fuck is this..??



For those of you who are X-Men fans. First Class

Karen O x Absolut Vodka Wild Tea.

Absolut - Karen O from theelementsmusic on Vimeo.

I'm not really a fan of New Balance [Japan], but I know some people are! here's a glance at the new M564! Not gunna lie they look mighty spiffy.

Family Guy x Kid Robot!!!

I've showed you some of Aaron L.'s work a while ago, he's a great photographer. "I fux"<--- never again.

This watch is only a concept, but I hope to god that Horodron actually comes out with this.

White Black Widow by Supra. I

JB please stop making fusions. legit.stop.

 Krink I love your new colors. If only I was a graffiti genius.

I mean I know it's all about how well made your knives are in the kitchen, but a buck seventy for a meat cleaver? Global G-12 y'all mutherlovers is crazy.

I think skc would agree with me that even this is taking things a bit too far.

no way....

I never really liked Chargers, still don't.
2012 Dodge Charger. SRT8.

I'll take this motorcycle instead thank you. Mind you it's all electric only goes 67mph, but I really like the frame.
Zero DS

 yes.yesyes. I've been looking for a pair of white heels for quite some time now, if only, if only.

This dress needs to magically appear in my wardrobe.

 along with these to match.

I would love for you to draw something like this on my wall, when I get my own place.


Lady Gaga why would you do that to your shoulders... I understand your need to stand out buh reallydough?

since everyone seems to be obsessed with his fashion decision, here ya go. and no I have no idea wtf he was thinking.


currently watching the phantom menace. (o:3




Mila Kunis for W Magazine.

I'd love to live in this building.

keep it raw.