Just Like Music.

Not how I would have liked to leave things, but I guess that's how life goes. Happy Valentine's Day, time spent with you is never a waste.

I can't wait for the day when we get to do everything together. Okay not every thing. (o:3

I don't really care who knows.

I haven't told you lately, because frankly I'm scared. Scared of feeling vulnerable, needing you, depending on you, wanting you all to myself again, yes partly because of how I felt the last time. But more so because it's a clean this time. I don't associate with the past too much, I take things at face value instead. If you say things are different or they are on the way there, I'll take it at that, it's not a new slate it's a clean one. No I haven't forgotten, but I have forgiven. It's taking me some time, but I can and will get there, I promise. There's no real difference between who someone is when they're five, fifteen, twenty-five, if they're constantly searching for who they were or who they will be. Focus on who you are, who you want to be, and everything will fall into place.

I probably would have fallen for them too.

For those who are with me on this one I commend you. It's ALL about Feb. 15th, 50% off chocolate mothertruckers.

I love this scene.

I really like the way Will is dressed. Hov, what's with that hair though...

that's why I rarely do it, I suppose it's also the reason why I'm usually upset at the world -_-

haha agreed.

in middle school yeah, then I grew up and thought to myself "fuck off".

I remember these!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry for the abundance of !'s I was instantly brought back to yesteryear, and these are the fucking shit.

I've been looking for this color every where, it'd be nice if it'd show up some time soon, really though.

preach preacha! shit's hard though.

I ask myself this all the time.

I'm afraid I don't know where this shirt is ):

ALWAYS. idk it's just the way I am.

I would like my bridesmaids to carry bouquets like these, but without the pink, and with lilacs instead.

nice roll job.

haha Bale nailed it.

lmfao. I mean...that's not funny....nah it is.


I just opened a bag of Cape Cod chips, and I completely agree with this statement.

not really sure why I laughed so hard.

remember, sometimes I forget.

I honestly wouldn't mind wearing this for a night haha.

bought these bad boys the other day, best money I've spent in a while.

I rarely wear red. but today is that day.


keep it raw.