Have A Good One.

haha I ran a few errands today between classes, and I said "Have a good one" to the cashier, and he responded with "I will", I nearly wanted to hug the dude. Such an ill response, none of that you too bullshit.

that counteracts with this:
when people kick your chair constantly during a movie. <--- if you're tryna die, do this to me.

this is how I think most music videos should be shot, unless you have an ill ass concept [kanye's mbdtf] these come off so real to me idk. is it just me?

the concept of this is what I agree with exactly: simplicity.

why he's my favorite. although you know that shit a lie [occasional]

  I'm sorry but this shit is unnecessary. 

 iNeed this hanging on my wall.

I found what I'll be taking my notes in for class from now on.

she has eyes like knives. I've been told that I give good death stares, not sure how to take that. thanks?

word. haha kidding. sorta.

I wouldn't even mind getting robbed by this guy...no lie.

so cute! plus I'm hungry.

I listened to this when her album got leaked, and already knew it was my favorite track (: the video didn't disappoint!

for all you J Scott fans here's the newest take.

Banksy goes Hollywood


WHO IS DOWN TO GO?!?!?!? not even lying.

Modernist Cuisine, if only you didn't cost nearly five hundred dollars, I'd have you in my possession.

brb gotta change my underwear.
Nissan GT-R Egoist
"Featuring the same 530 horsepower, 3.8-liter twin turbo V6 engine, a launch control system that sends the car from 0-60 in just 2.9 seconds, high intensity LED running lights, and lower center of gravity as the normal GT-R, the Egoist features a more luxurious interior of supple leather with carbon fiber accents and other goodies."

Radiohead's 8th album.

Lambo yacht? jesus.

wearable planter jewelry!!!! this concept is awesome.

stetheadphones, for all you future doctors.

I would really like this to be on my kitchen table in the near future.

I'm not really sure how I feel about this yet. coffin sofa? [4500.00]

 this bracelet is illnasty. why are you two-fiddy, why?

kickass idea, reusable tea infuser, shaped like a tea bag!!!

this house is beyond amazing. one day, one day.

tee hee. back to ze future

hahahah it's the octopus guy from Pirates!

I really like this set Tamar.

just in case you're not sick of Valentine's Day.

cool concept, but it doesn't look like it holds much, sadface.

may the force be with you, and with you.

what a great idea.


(: never gets old.

where can I purchase this top? anybody?

who's down to hit up canadia?

okay my eyes are about to fall off.out.in? goodnight.

keep it raw.