Response Time.

If you're not going to respond within a reasonable time frame, don't expect us to respond at all, after a given point. No bull. We all have that friend.person.familymember. who we know has their phone glued to their person at all times, constantly checking that shit, not aware that it may be considered rude, with the response time that flirts with instantaneous. So it's clear that we all know when they don't respond, there's a reason. Either A, they have nothing to say <--- occasionally acceptable. B, they're busy and will respond when they're done with whatever <--- perfectly acceptable. Or my personal favorite C, they don't respond at all and will contact you when they feel like it/decide to give a damn. Most of us don't take a strong liking to option C you next Tuesday, so please note the fuck you and fuck off that you'll be receiving promptly after you decide to make contact.

"So I'll end this with a : Fuck you, but have a nice day." - 8 Mile.

I have been pretty busy this past week. I finally shot my silent film for video production class, it turned out well, we started to not give a shit towards the end, and it probably shows but who cares. I'll try to get a copy and upload it once it's graded.

Besides that, I've just been studying for my exams and writing some term papers. <--- fun stuff.

Once I get the chance to go home and find my camera charger I'll be flooding your screen with obnoxious photos derived from decisions that involve clouded  judgment fa sho.

Enjoy my frengs.

Me and this girl used to be inseparable, she's still one of my best friends, and I'm so glad she came to visit.

Happy Twentieth SYK.YSK.
Not only are you one third of the greatest friendship ever, but I love you. I remember our awkward days, when we used to care so much about homework, staying up all hours of the day and night playing Sims, Halo, what have you. Making forts <---- with Costco cake of course. White Chicks, enough said. I love how you're one of the few and only people I know besides my family that can tell me the truth, you're someone who doesn't spare my feelings when they're trying to look out for me, and I love that. You're beautiful inside and out, and I hope this day is a memorable one.
Happy Birthday and many many more. <--- Asia saying.

ain't that some truth.

I swear I do this every time I'm on this site.

in case you didn't see the movie.

it gave me a chuckle.


hell no you shouldn't

if you're like me and you agree that he shouldn't have won, I salute you.

I am in love with this sign.

for those who don't know already.


just another reason why I'm #notafan.

I'm guilty, I sift through my contacts list periodically to weed bitches out.

Mr. Depp


hence why I have never beat a single GTA, I used to like seeing how many stars I could get.

can someone please tell me where I can purchase this. And if I can add the word real.


good music.

it apparently goes to the rhythm/beat of the song you're listening to.

about to pour myself one and finish watching the game. C's all day.

size 6 and 7/8's please.

I'm so glad I found these.

Range Rover Ultimate Edition. <--- unnecessary. 

Zip & Dry Apron! such a great concept.


if you haven't seen exit through the gift shop you should.

even Matt G. knows what's good.

Rubik's brain.

I would really like to own this dress.

hahaha it's not nearly as scary this way

cig sox!

this is the illest knapsack I have ever seen. Anyone down to go on a picnic? I think they're incredibly romantic. 

can't wait to see the newest installment.

thank God this is just a concept, because I think it's ugly as hell.

2011 XXL Freshman Cover. most of you need to dropout, just sayin'.

For all my potheads, here's a massacre. Don't look?
Mexico thought it'd be a good idea to burn 134 tons of grass, not only did it probably get everyone in a fifty mile radius high, but shit is just ridiculous.  dank

it dropped last week, but I've been to busy.lazy.lazy. to post it
one of my favorite songs off the album.

can't really stand the dude. [this usually is my response to every artist that gets blown up and out of proportion] But enjoy the mix.tape.

Stussy Spring/Summer

 Head Porter x CLOT

Hamburger press?!?!??!? Immediate buy, no hesitation needed.

Converse these are dope. Clean-Crafted Oxfords.

92 inch 3D tv? not really a fan of the 3D part, but I'm witit. It runs you six g's though.

not sure how I feel about pretzel marshmallows, but I'm always down for a good brew.

Martens PHD. their Drift collection.

if you're like me and you like The Roots, peep this.

The Legendary: A Film About The Roots from Cam Be on Vimeo.

if you're ever in Singapore and you wanna check out a store designed by sneaker customizers, check out Hypethetic!

hahaha take notes.

 I like Travis Barker, sue me.

 I was showed this, this past weekend. cannot wait to buy it.

my Mom is the greatest.

keep it raw.