All I ask people to keep it with me, hence the whole Raw. thing (o:3
someone asked so I thought I'd address my "slogan" if you will.
Once I get enough time and find the goddamn charger for my camera I'll set up my next project. Don't hold your breath though, it probably won't launch until after this semester's over. [May 3rd?]


What an awesome photo. He's actually one of the few people I want to stab that are from the New School.

This is why he's the GOAT.

ain't that duh troof.

lmfao. great idea.

Obey is the shit.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. im|par|tial.

cannot wait for this.

Nash I would like a pair of these for my future house, do you accept hugs as form of payment?
fucking DOPE.

And I normally don't even like moccasins! These aren't too shabby, plus they're by one of my favorite footwear brands so they must be great (:
Vans Vault 106 Moc LX <--- which reminds me if anyone finds a pair of velvet LX Vans from the Vault in a size 6, let me know.

Behind the scenes footage of Lupe's LASERS album shoot.

I took this from Norse Projects' Fall/Winter lookbook because I loved the white on white. Plus it was the only jacket I liked.

the fact that this is made out of screws is fucking crazy. I've tried to nail something before and it pissed me the fuck off that my nails were always unlevel. I guess it helps that you got to use a drill but still.... Andrew M. props man. Props.

Ateliers Arthur gives his Tuskegee sneaker a few new colorways. If you want to buy this please consider Supra, because although I understand that he's trying to be create with the whole waterproof "silo" thing,

For all you streetwear fanatics here are the brains behind the operations in the flesh.

Anne + Mackey HUF.

Ben + Bobby The Hundreds.

Native Shoes.... --fuck is this? looks like a pair of Vans and a pair of Crocs has a kid.

Blair-Queens Waldorf-Astoria in UAE opens a new hotel....yeah that thing is a fucking HOTEL. I don't even wanna know what a night there costs.

 I'm seriously considering investing in this case. It only costs seventy bills and it's pretty much Kibbee-proof. Water proof for I think it's 2 meters, you can safely lob your phone off a 7ft. high drop, and it's resistant. 

For all you Mac fanatics here something new from Steve Blow.Jobs.
The new macbook pro comes with "thunderbolt" technology, which in fact does sounds pretty sweet.
quick specs:
USB 2.0: 480 Mbps
FireWire 800: 800 Mbps
Express Card: 2.5 Gbps
USB 3.0: 5 Gbps
Thunderbolt: 10 Gbps

I wish this happened in Toy Story, kidding. That'd be bad....right?

idk why but this made me crack a smile.

blue is usually my first pick, I usually ask for both but for some reason the prick working the machine would always say "only one flavor" I'll show you one flavor...

the fact that I know what flavor vodka this is, is proof that I should not be allowed to drink.

damn yo.

these are my kinda kib-bobs.

KG showing Blake he ain't the only one in this bitch.

she is the shit. If you have no idea who she is, shame on you.

where the fuck can I buy this?!?!? I'm going to Super88 tmrw no bullshit.

if you're a fan, here it is.

June 19th I'll be buying my first pair of sneakers of 2011 haha that's a record for me.
TBIIIs [True Blue IIIs]

I can see it now, men having no chance of online identity theft. The stronger your password, the more clothes come off haha.

THIS is the shit I want to do for a living. Coming up with crazy ass stuff: like hey guys let's design benches to imprint adds onto peoples thighs, you down?

this shit is ill. Paul Octavious.

Society6 Minutes: Indigo from Paul Octavious on Vimeo.

Taylor James I want to jump your bones for the idea behind these photographs. Plus you have two first names I like it.

London Undercover x DPM these um-brr-gucci!-ella-ella-ella-ay-ay-ay's are fantastic.

 not tryna go to class tmrw....

 I bet more than half the people I ask, will have no idea who the fuck painted this. I find that incredibly disheartening.

twitter is the devil. Got free pancakes and of course something else [quick two egg breakfast] but my friend has let twitter get in the way of's sad really haha. that's all folks suckas.

keep it raw.