And You Try To Be Calm And Answer In Nice Ways.

All I gotta say is...haha currently listening to this song, shit brought me back to my childhood with the quickness. If I Could Go- Angie Martinez (where did she go....?)

I really do try to be nice all the time, but I must say, shit is difficult as fuck. Especially when people are assholes. Maybe it's a northeast thing, but I swear it's like the people around here think they breathe cleaner air (although we do...).

Went to Gypsy Bar last week for the fuck of it.

on a side note this was probably the best money I have ever spent on a pair of tights.

The truth to this is fucking hilarious.

this is probably the only electronic device I need...I wouldn't even be mad if I didn't have texting.

I think I'll give this a go, based solely on the fact that the album cover is fucking great.

GOAT. Greatest of All Time.

Ralph is the shit. Get familiar.

I can't wait to live in a place like this. that view.

I hate that feeling when you really think you're gunna win, and, you don't. I don't think I've ever won anything from a raffle before ::hint hint::


 I honestly believe America is going to fall apart soon.

I'm pretty cure the majority of the people that go to my school should be wearing a sign like this.

I love all of them....okay so I don't really like American Dad. Fun fact, my cousin draws for Matt G.


I don't care what anyone says, Michael Jackson was a genius.


Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill! if you're like me and you watched this show, hats off.

I love black cats, and no I don't believe in that bad luck shit.

Boston you're my home. I put on for my city. 


everything usually pans out the way it's supposed to. So I try not to, you shouldn't either.


Apparently I'm "memorable" whatever that means. I think it's my name (o:3

I would totally buy one of these just to fuck with everyone haha


 helllll fuckin' yeah.

hahaha welcome to high school.

all this snow needs to melt por favor. Spring, hurry the fuck up.

this show is amazing, then there's the fact that it's true 90% of the time about black people.

 Roll Up - Wiz

I'm not knocking the dude^^ I just really don't consider him to be that great of an artist. I think him, Mac, and a slew of other people need to broaden their horizons a bit. We get it weed is legit, how about moving on to another subject? people try to tell me otherwise all the time, give em' fifteen minutes ...on to the next one.

Supreme x Playboy!!!

Damn Brady, you lucky. Gisele for V Mag. "Unzipped"

Angry Birdsky 

automatic tattoo machine!!

The Last Breakfast.

In case you haven't seen this yet it's M. Ali made up of suspended sand bags. illllnasty concept. yes all of those l's were necessary.

what came first? Kyle B. this is great.

can Boston get some love though? I can't wait to open my own have no idea.

Kristen that one was for you ^. Oh ley do it.

keep it raw.